'The Predator Holiday Special' Trailer Pits The Predator Against Santa Claus

What if the Predator from the Predator franchise showed up in one of those stop-motion Rankin/Bass holiday specials, like Rudolph or Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town? It might look something like The Predator Holiday Special, a stop-motion animated film set to debut on Comedy Central this month. Can Santa Claus and his reindeer stop the Predator? Is this a terrible idea? Find out by watching The Predator Holiday Special trailer below!

The Predator Holiday Special Trailer

It's a bit weird to watch the Predator evolve (or devolve?) into a full-blown source of comedy. I'm not saying the original Predator films were super-serious dramas, but they took the concept of a head-hunting alien fairly seriously – or at least as serious as one could take such a premise. But Shane Black's The Predator, released earlier this year to mixed reviews, was much more of a comedy than sci-fi movie, and now The Predator Holiday Special leans even further into goofiness.

Here, the Predator is stalking around a stop-motion animated world, blowing apart talking felt reindeer. This is more of a clip than a trailer, in which we see an elf and reindeer pleasantly conversing before all hell breaks loose. Cartoon gore soon follows. In the special, the Predator "tangles with his most formidable foe yet – Santa and his reindeer." I'm not sure if Shane Black himself had anything to do with this special, but he's well-known for using Christmas settings in his work, so this kind of fits (although The Predator is set during Halloween, not Christmas).

In addition to the trailer, here are few images from the special.


I'm definitely not the target audience for this, so I won't be too critical here. There will no doubt be plenty of folks who find this hilarious, and will revel in the sight of a puppet predator trying to murder Santa Claus. Truth be told, the only thing I can think of while watching this Predator Holiday Special trailer is the fake movie The Night the Reindeer Died, from Scrooged – a concept that was meant to satirize how terrible television had become.

The Night the Reindeer Died

The entire Predator Holiday Special is set to air on December 19 , 2018 on Comedy Central during Bo-Jack Horseman at 10:30 PM / 9:30 CT. The Predator 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD arrive the day before, on December 18, 2018. Why not celebrate the holiday season by spending two days in a row devoted to The Predator?