'Aquaman' Director James Wan Pitched A 'Blade' Reboot (But He Can't Remember What It Was)

The Conjuring director James Wan is making his first foray into superhero movies this month with Aquaman. But long before he dove under the sea with Jason Momoa, Wan hoped to make a completely different superhero picture: a Blade reboot.

Wan revealed his hopes to reboot Blade in a recent interview, but also clarified that this happened so long ago he can't really remember what the idea was.

It's very strange that in this era of non-stop Marvel movies, we've yet to receive official word on a Blade reboot. The original Blade film, starring Wesley Snipes, arrived long before the MCU came into existence, standing alone with its R-rated trilogy. After the third and final film, Blade: Trinity, rumblings of spin-offs and possible reboots followed, but nothing materialized. Wesley Snipes himself recently commented that he's had "conversations" about future Blade projects, but it's unclear where they stand.

At one point, though, James Wan, the filmmaker behind InsidiousThe Conjuring and the upcoming Aquaman, wanted to make a Blade reboot of his own. Speaking with Happy Sad Confused, Wan confirmed he approached a "particular studio" and pitched them on a new take on Blade:

"Years back, a couple of years back, I think it was right after Conjuring 1 that I went into a particular studio and told them 'Hey, I'm a big fan of Blade. Would you guys be interested in rebooting Blade?' So that was one. Obviously, nothing came out of that! But that was my first intro into looking at potential comic book properties."

And just what was Wan's Blade reboot about, other than the standard story of a half-human, half-vampire fighting other vampires? Wan can't remember. The event was so long ago that the specifics slipped his mind. And in fact, he didn't have all the ideas fleshed out when he pitched it:

"It was just to kind of talk about it. I didn't have a full presentation. I did have an idea, I can't quite remember what it was. That's how far back it was and I've done a lot since then so I can't quite remember what I had thought of. But I did like it at the time."

I love most of Wan's films, and the fact that he has a background in horror makes me think that if he made a Blade film, it would be a straight-up horror movie take on the material – which would be pretty damn cool. Alas, it was not to be. For now, we'll have to make due with the superhero movie Wan did make, when Aquaman opens on December 21, 2018.