Trailer Round-Up: 'You Might Be The Killer', 'King Of Thieves', 'Future Man', 'Replicas', And More

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiiime of the year: trailer round-up time.

What's that under your Christmas tree? It's a trailer, covered in shiny gift-wrap! And look – there's another one, in the far back corner, covered in douglas fir needles. I count eight different trailers underneath your tree, and you can metaphorically unwrap and watch 'em all below. (Don't worry about how I know what's under your tree. That's not important right now.)

You Might Be The Killer

First up is a movie that played at this year's Fantastic Fest, and we have a full review and a capsule review ready and waiting to be read for anyone who's interested. Frequent Joss Whedon collaborators Fran Kranz and Alyson Hannigan lead this one, which begins as a winking, knowing riff on classic slasher movie tropes before eventually becoming slightly bogged down with the mechanics of its own story.

There's no official release date for You Might Be The Killer yet, but we'll keep an eye out for more information.

King of Thieves

Michael Caine has already appeared in one "old guys rob a bank" movie with 2017's Going in Style, and now he's back at it again in King of Thieves (which sadly is not a sequel to the Gerard Butler vehicle Den of Thieves). Jim Broadbent and Michael Gambon get in on the action here in what will surely be an entertaining time at the movies for your grandfather if he ever decides to get up from that recliner and head to the theater.King of Thieves has already debuted in over a dozen countries, but doesn't have a specific U.S. release date yet.


The next movie from The Eyes of My Mother director Nicolas Pesce looks like a surreal dive into the mind of a would-be killer. I've only seen actor Christopher Abbott pop up in supporting performances in the past, so I'm curious about how he works as a leading man here. Our review from this year's Sundance Film Festival singles out his performance for praise, and our review from Fantastic Fest compares his work to Christian Bale's in American Psycho, so that's a very good sign. And did you catch that description of why it got an R rating? "Aberrant violence." Haven't seen that one before!

Piercing hits theaters on February 1, 2019.


Keanu Reeves signed on to star in Replicas nearly five years ago, but now we're finally about to see it come to the big screen. This one looks like a low-budget remix of ideas we've seen explored several times elsewhere, and based on the several trailers for this that have come out over the past year, I have zero faith in this movie. Sorry, Keanu!Replicas arrives in theaters on January 11, 2019.

Future Man

I haven't seen any of this series yet, but this trailer makes the second season look pretty damn bonkers. Seth Rogen playing a man named Susan! A pile of Josh Hutchersons! Eliza Coupe as a purple-haired warrior! Looks like things have progressed significantly since The Last Starfighter riff it was in season one.

Future Man returns to Hulu on January 11, 2019.


Here's a faith-based movie that's based on a true story. This is Us star Chrissy Metz, Spider-Man 3's Topher Grace, and Sweet Home Alabama's Josh Lucas lead the cast. I'll try to say one nice thing about this: Breakthrough is being produced by a major Hollywood studio, so it clearly has more money behind it than the typical low-budget indies that operate in this space, and the difference is evident at first glance. (Whew, I did it!)

Breakthrough arrives in theaters on April 19, 2019.

Les Miserables

This PBS iteration of Les Miserables has a solid cast: Dominic West as Jean Valjean, David Oyelowo as Javert, and Lily Collins as Fantine. All six episodes were written by Andrew Davies (the original House of Cards) and directed by Tom Shankland (The Punisher). A singing Russell Crowe is nowhere to be found, so this has to be considered a huge win for society at large.

Les Miserables begins airing on PBS on December 30, 2018.