New 'Star Wars: Episode 9' Rumors Focus On Kylo Ren's Wardrobe And A New Droid Buddy

Star Wars: Episode 9 is still shooting across the pond at Pinewood Studios, and since J.J. Abrams is back behind the camera and this is the last installment of the new Star Wars trilogy, the shroud of mystery is wrapped tighter than ever around the production. But that's not stopping a few little rumored tidbits from leaking onto the web every now and then. Some feel totally bogus while others might have some weight to them. In the case of two new Star Wars Episode 9 rumors, one could be problematic for certain fans while another sounds like something adorable.

But we'll dive into them below since everyone is rightfully sensitive about Star Wars spoilers.

Kylo Ren May Have Fixed His Helmet

Remember Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Sure you do. When it comes to Kylo Ren, the villain continued one of the most fascinating arcs in the new trilogy by evolving from being just a Darth Vader wannabe into something a little more worrisome. In one scene, Kylo Ren dramatically smashed the helmet he had been wearing as a tribute to his late grandfather after Supreme Leader Snoke request that he "take that ridiculous thing off." It was a literal and figurative shedding of his Darth Vader fixation, and it was a nice addition to his character's relationship with the dark side, especially with regards to holding onto the past. That's what makes this latest rumor somewhat concerning.

MakingStarWars confirmed a piece of information that popped up at StarWarsLeaks saying that Kylo Ren has brought back his helmet for some reason. However, rather than having a clean, new helmet, Kylo Ren has instead taken the helmet that he smashed and pieced it back together. The rumor says the helmet looks as if it was glued back together with "some kind of red crystalline bonding material," which will make for an interesting visual, but feels like a step backward for Kylo Ren.

The rumors also indicate that Kylo Ren has been seen with this rebuilt mask on in various stages of dress, which could mean Kylo Ren is wearing it in several scenes. But that doesn't really help us determine just how often or how long he could be wearing the helmet. Either way, this feels like an obvious metaphor for the idea that J.J. Abrams is picking up the pieces of the Star Wars franchise for fans who think director Rian Johnson broke the saga with The Last Jedi, which is quite ridiculous, in the opinion of this writer.

Personally, I hope the repaired helmet doesn't last long for Kylo Ren. Maybe it's simply something that Kylo Ren does in a moment of skepticism about himself and he ends up losing it so he can continue to stand out as more than Darth Vader's copycat grandson. But that's something we likely won't know until seeing the movie in its entirety.

BB-8 Gets a New Droid Pal

Meanwhile, on the more cute side of Star Wars, it sounds like fans might get another new loveable droid to adore. BB-8 is easily one of the favorite new characters in the saga, but a rumor, also from MakingStarWars, says the ball droid will have a cute droid pal of his own.

The rumor says BB-8 has a little buddy named D.O (or Dio), who may be shaped like a megaphone. Apparently, the little guy has ugly ducking syndrome and sees BB-8 as a sort of mentor or parent and is constantly wanting to be by his side. D.O. may get even be closer to his pal by being actually housed inside of BB-8 via a mechanism that was originally created for lightsaber storage.