The Morning Watch: 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Cast Reunion Chat, Does 'Seinfeld' Hold Up? & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, Pierce Brosnan and the child cast members (now all grown up) of Mrs. Doubtfire for an extensive chat on The Today Show. Plus, high school and college students watch Seinfeld for the first time to decide whether or not it holds up, and Alexander Skarsard looks back at his career, including that perfect role in Zoolander.

First up, The Today Show staged a little Mrs. Doubtfire reunion where Pierce Brosnan and former child stars Mara Wilson, Lisa Jakub, and Matthew Lawrence had a 35 minute chat with NBC's Gadi Schwartz. They look back on the movie 25 years later and reveal some interesting tidbits from making the film, including scenes where the kids were sent away so Robin Williams could cut loose with improvisation.

Next up, FBE rounded up a group of high school and college kids from various races, religions and sexual orientations were played episodes of Seinfeld to determine whether or not the show held up in 2018. None of these kids had seen the show before, and it should come as no surprise that they don't think the show holds up very well by modern standards. Whatever.

Finally, Alexander Skarsgard sat down with GQ to look back at the various roles he's played throughout his career, including one you might have forgotten about. Skarsgard digs all the way back to 2001 to discuss his small role in Zoolander, and he moves up through recent turns in Big Little Lies and Hold the Dark.