'Elf' Honest Trailer: Okay, This Movie Is Delightful, But It's Also Weird As Hell

It's hard to craft a Christmas movie that becomes a holiday hit that you want to watch every single year. Most Christmas movies you just watch simply because they happen to be on around the Yuletide season, but every once in a while there's a true classic that stands the test of time.

Perhaps the only true modern Christmas classic is Elf from 2003, and it's so delightful that not even Honest Trailers can bring themselves to say anything really bad about it. But they certainly have fun diving into how damn weird this story is. Get in the holiday spirit by watching the Elf Honest Trailer below.

Elf Honest Trailer

While Buddy the Elf is a pure and innocent character, the story surrounding him is more than a little twisted. Buddy is a baby from a one night stand given up for adoption, accidentally stolen by Santa Claus, raised by elves, lied to about his identity, left to feel like an outcast, and then sent off to walk to New York City to try and win over the father who doesn't even know he exists.

This story is so weird that no one even seems to be surprised or care about the fact that Santa Claus is real. Everyone just accepts it as another normal thing. But I guess people in New York City have seen everything, so that shouldn't really be surprising. God himself could appear in the middle of Times Square and there would be people just complaining about the traffic.