Exclusive Vinyl Art Premiere: 'It's Always Blue: Songs From 'Legion'

"It's Always Blue: Songs From Legion" is a new soundtrack album full of covers of classic songs featured in the mind-bending FX series Legion. The music hails from composer Jeff Russo and series creator Noah Hawley, and we have an exclusive vinyl art debut of the album below. "It's Always Blue: Songs From Legion" arrives early next year.

It's Always Blue Legion Vinyl Cover

Above you can see the debut of the artwork for the "It's Always Blue: Songs From Legion" vinyl. Reimagined tracks include "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Don't Come Around Here No More," featuring Noah Hawley on lead vocals and Jeff Russo on harmony vocals while playing all other instruments, including the Moog Synthesizer IIIc.

"Creating these covers for season two was a unique way to help propel the story," said Russo. "All of them have lyrical significance and we thought it would be a great idea to do them in the style of the show's music." Russo added: "Taking a new direction on these covers was key. Noah would call me with a song idea and I'd think about how to do it. Then I'd make the track, Noah came in and did the vocals, and lastly I added the finishing touches."Lakeshore Records released the "It's Always Blue: Songs From Legion" digitally on August 17. The vinyl will be available January 11, 2019, and you can preorder it here. Legion returns for season 3 in 2019. Check out the track list below. Track List:Side A: 20 minutes

01. White Rabbit – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 3:55

02. White Room – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 5:11

03. Burning Down the House – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 4:38

04. Don't Come Around Here No More – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 6:18

Side B: 18 minutes

05. Change the World – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 4:01

06. Superman – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 2:57

07. Behind Blue Eyes – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 3:14

08. Nothing In This World – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 3:46

09. Cornflake Girl – Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo 3:43

White Rabbit – Legion