'The Meg' Honest Trailer: The Movie So Nice It Happens Twice

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There seems to be a new movie with a killer shark in it at least every other year, and it's up to the filmmaker whether that movie is going to be good like Jaws, bad like Jaws: The Revenge or so bad it's good like Deep Blue Sea. But somehow, The Meg toes the line by having so much insane shark attack action juxtaposed with some pretty serious drama. It's all a little perplexing.

Watch as The Meg Honest Trailer sinks its teeth into the aquatic Jason Statham action thriller.

The Meg Honest Trailer

The Meg is one of those movies that somehow remains entertaining despite the fact that we basically see the same movie happen twice in the same movie. It's like getting the original and the sequel in the same movie, and you get two Megalodons for the price of one.

However, when you think about it, that seems pretty lazy, especially since The Meg is based on a series of books (seriously, there are six of them, even though the Honest Trailer only points out five). In fact, the original book features The Meg fighting a tyrannosaurus rex. Not only that, but instead of Jason Statham getting acrobatic and stabby with the giant shark at the end, his character rips the heart of the shark out from the inside. If you're gonna make a crazy shark movie, go for the gold. But I guess we did get a giant squid in this movie, so maybe it evens out.