Where Do These 'Halloween' Deleted Scenes Fit In The Movie?

Halloween is now playing everywhere, and audiences are eating it up like a trick-or-treat bag overflowing with candy. David Gordon Green's sequel/reboot is loaded with funny, scary and altogether memorable scenes. But what about scenes that didn't make the final cut? Some trailers and TV spots confirm there are a handful of Halloween deleted scenes that don't appear in the final film. Let's take a look at some of them below. Spoilers follow.Halloween shower scare

The Shower Scene 

This Halloween TV spot includes a quick moment where we see Dana Haines (Rhian Rees), one of the British true crime podcasters who comes to interview Michael Myers, in the shower. She's interrupted, and terrified, when the shower curtain is quickly drawn back to reveal Michael himself, in all his masked glory. This scene could be intended as an homage to Psycho, the famous horror thriller starring Janet Leigh, the mother of Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis. However, the scene isn't actually in Halloween. And it wouldn't really make much sense – midway through the movie, Dana is attacked and killed by Michael at a gas station.

However, there's a likely explanation here: it's not Michael pulling back the shower curtain, but Dana's podcasting partner Aaron Korey (Jefferson Hall). As we see at the start of Halloween, Aaron is in possession of the Michael Myers mask – and Michael later steals it back from after after murdering the podcasters. With this in mind, it's likely that this was a fake-out scare in which Aaron gives Dana a fright while wearing the mask, only to pull it off and reveal his true identity.

Michael Creepin

The Shape Sneaks Up 

In the second trailer for Halloween, we have this shot where The Shape is sneaking up on Sheriff's Deputy Frank Hawkins (Will Patton). There is a scene in the film where Hawkins investigates the scene of one of Michael's crimes, and that's clearly where this comes from. But this particular shot is not in the final film. Instead, we see Michael stroll by an open doorway behind Hawkins.

Laurie With Knife

Knife Fight!

There's a badass moment in the first Halloween trailer where Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) charges at Michael with a knife. While Laurie and Michael have a lengthy face-off sequence at the conclusion of Halloween, this scene isn't part of it. We can still conclude this scene takes place during that climax, though – Laurie is displaying wounds she suffers when Michael attacks her, and we can see two spotlights in the background – lights that Laurie has mounted all around the perimeter of her house. Someone who saw an earlier cut of the film commented on this particular scene, revealing that it's part of an alternate ending where Michael is still "very much alive." They also commented that the scene in question was "laughably bad", which might explain why it was reshot.

In the grand scheme of things, these aren't the most spectacular deleted scenes. But it's worth noting that these deleted scenes do exist, and that we might get to see them, and more, when Halloween heads to home video.