Chris Evans Wraps On 'Avengers 4' And Says Goodbye To Captain America

Chris Evans is hanging up his shield for good. The Captain America actor has just wrapped shooting on Avengers 4, and in the process, said goodbye to the role he's played for the last eight years. Evans contract as Cap is up in 2019, and while there was always a chance he could sign a new deal, it appears his days of playing Cap are at an end. Let's all shed a tear.

Let us all rise and bid farewell to Chris Evans and his beautiful biceps. The actor just fired off the tweet above, and the implication is clear: he's done playing Captain America. We knew this was coming, of course. Evans' contract is up, and the actor previously told Good Morning America: "I don't know what's next – but by 2019, that's it."

Now, before you go reading too much into this, Evans' tweet doesn't mean Cap is a goner. There's a very good chance the character will survive the events of Avengers 4, and get to ride off into the sunset. Then again, there's also a chance he'll sacrifice himself in some way, and make everyone in the audience cry their goddamn eyes out. We won't know for a while.

Evans has truly grown into the character. He was by no means an unknown actor when he landed the role in Captain America: The First Avenger, but he wasn't exactly a star either. Over the years, he's embodied the character of Steve Rogers through and through – just go check out his Twitter page, where he's constantly firing off messages that more or less sound like they were said by the real Captain America (if Captain America were real, that is; which he's not – sorry). The Captain America franchise has been one of Marvel's best, particularly Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which surpassed The First Avenger in every way.

In short, Evans will be missed. But we'll always remember that time he ripped a mother fucking log in half with his bare hands, won't we?

Avengers 4, the last hurrah of Captain America, opens May 3, 2019.