A 'Dance Dance Revolution' Movie Will Try To Save The World

Apparently Dance Dance Revolution is still a popular enough video game craze that Hollywood wants to turn it into a movie.

The newly launched Stampede production banner from producer Greg Silverman is behind the effort to turn the dance video game from Konami into a feature length film. But how exactly can you turn a game about hitting the right combination of dance moves into a movie? Well, the answer is a thriller called The FP, but apparently this will be something different.

Variety has word on the Dance Dance Revolution movie that currently doesn't have a writer or director attached to the project. But it does have producers J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum of Branded Entertainment on board to work on the movie with Greg Silverman.

For those who don't know, Dance Dance Revolution is a video game series that was popularized in arcades across Asia and eventually made its way to the United States. The game requires players to follow scrolling arrows on screen and hit the corresponding mark on a dance pad that you're stand on while playing. It doesn't exactly sound ripe with potential for a movie, even with dozens of iterations released over the years.

As for what the Dance Dance Revolution movie will be about, all we have is a vague description saying, "The project will explore a world on the brink of destruction where the only hope is to unite through the universal language of dance." Honestly, that doesn't sound too dissimilar from The FP, which follows two gangs fighting for control of Frazier Park (the FP) in a dystopian future. The gangs fight by competing in a video game called Beat-Beat Revelation, an obvious ripoff of Dance Dance Revolution. Here's a trailer:

Since Dance Dance Revolution has always been a more family friendly gaming title that was all about the spirit of competition and just the joy of dancing, I can't imagine the movie will get that dark. But honestly, I'm not sure how you can make the movie more interesting unless it's something in the vein of a classic sports drama following some kind of rivalry in a Dance Dance Revolution tournament or something like that. Of course, that doesn't really jibe with the whole "world on the brink of destruction" asethetic, so who knows what they have planned.

The Dance Dance Revolution movie is part of Stampede's effort to build their production slate, which will include finding other intellectual property to turn into movies. They already have their hands on popular titles such as James Riley's middle grade fantasy Revenge of Magic and Glen Zipper and Elaine Mongeon's sci-fi novel Devastation Class, which are both two things I've never heard of.

Who knows if this Dance Dance Revolution movie will ever come to fruition, or if there are still enough fans of the game out there who want to see it happen, but that's never stopped Hollywood before. Stay tuned.