'Bodied' Trailer: The Sharp-Tongued Battle Rap Movie Will Knock You Off Your Feet

Fantastic Fest is still in full swing over in Austin, Texas, and there are plenty of movies that will be worth checking out once they hit theaters for general audiences to see. But in the meantime, one of last year's most buzzed about entries at Fantastic Fest 2017 is finally getting released.

Bodied is a battle rap movie executive produced by Eminem where no one is safe from the sharp tongue of brutal rhymes that come from skilled lyricists that would make Shakespeare cry. A new trailer has finally arrived for the movie that is coming to theaters and YouTube later this year, and it packs quite a punch.

Bodied Trailer

If you need a version that is more tame, here's the green band version of the trailer:

Bodied stars Calum Worthy (American Vandal) as Adam, a progressive graduate student who finds success and sparks outrage when his interest in battle rap as a thesis subject becomes a competitive obsession that might ruin his life.

As you can see, the battle rap in this movie hits even harder than those we saw in Eminem's 8 Mile. They go for the throat, and nothing is off limits. This movie takes shots at everyone's appearance, style, family, friends, sexuality, religion or race. It's the kind of movie that will trigger plenty of people who just don't get what's going on here. But it's not just about slinging insults around.

Our own Eric Vespe caught Bodied at Fantastic Fest last year and wrote, "Bodied is way more complex than it has any right being and is a rocking rollercoaster of a viewing experience." On top of that, he adds that director Joseph Kahn "has some strong opinions on anybody wanting to limit speech, whether it comes from a conservative or ultra liberal place, and the movie condemns those who George Carlin would have had a hell of a time lambasting if he were still around: people who focus on words and not context."

Some people just aren't going to get what this movie is trying to pull off, but all the razor-edged rhymes and social commentary from this movie serves a purpose. It's aimed at those who would be so offended by only what people say rather than how they're saying it and what they're trying to say. Make sure you see this movie and tell all your friends, especially the ones you  know will be offended by it.

Bodied hits select theaters on November 2, 2018, but the YouTube release date has not been confirmed yet.