VOTD: 'Star Wars: A New Hope' Anime Trailer Recreates A Classic

How many times have you seen Star Wars: A New Hope? I'm guessing the answer is "a lot." If so, the film may no longer seem particularly fresh – you know ever shot, every frame, by heart. If so, here's a way for to experience the film anew again.

Below, Star Wars: A New Hope gets a fresh approach with an extremely well done anime trailer. Artist and animator Dmitry Grozov painstakingly recreated George Lucas' original Star Wars film through an anime lens, and the results are impressive to say the least. Watch the Star Wars anime trailer below.

Star Wars Anime Trailer

I have a confession: I'm not an anime fan. It's not that I hate anime – I just never got into it, and every time I've tried, it's left me cold. Despite all that, I was blown away by this Star Wars anime trailer (or "animotion trailer" as it's officially called in the description).  Dmitry Grozov aka Ahriman created this video, which recreates multiple moments from Star Wars: A New Hope in an anime style, complete with subtitled dialogue. John Williams' iconic music is there too, for full effect. It's highly effective, exciting even. I almost wish Grozoy woul go ahead and recreate the entire movie in this style – I'd certainly watch it (although the Lucasfilm legal department might not be too pleased about that).

The best part about this trailer is that it makes something old seem new again. A New Hope is one of those films most people have seen dozens of times (or more). The footage here recreates it in such a way that it transforms scenes we've all seen again and again into something fresh and exciting.

Grozov also recreated the famous Star Wars opening crawl in this style as well, if you're hungry for even more of this.

Opening Crawl

"Some people create masterpieces from scratch, someone (like me) just takes masterpieces and creates Japanese cartoons," Grozov says here.

There's a nice full circle effect here. The footage recreates George Lucas' film in a Japanese animation style, while Lucas himself has always admitted Japanese samurai films (particularly those of Akira Kurosawa) are what inspired the original Star Wars. It's like poetry, they rhyme.