'The Conjuring' Honest Trailer: Ed & Lorraine Warren Are The Two Least Funny Ghostbusters

The Conjuring franchise from director and producer James Wan has been the starting point for horror spin-offs like Annabelle and The Nun (in theaters this weekend). And while the movies undoubtedly paint a scary picture, The Conjuring Honest Trailer points out that it's hard to feel sorry for the families at the center of these stories when they obviously didn't do the legwork to make sure the new houses they moved into didn't have any serious problems, like ghosts, demons, possessed items or strange deaths.

Watch The Conjuring Honest Trailer

The Conjuring Honest Trailer tackles both the original movie and the sequel in the franchise, which works since the two movies aren't remarkably dissimilar from each other beyond the location setting. Ed & Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), the least funny members of the Ghostbusters, are called in to stop a family form being terrorized in their home. Each of the movies sparked a new spin-off in James Wan's horror universe. The list goes on and on.

Even though The Conjuring movies have crafted some fantastic thrills and chills, it's hard to argue with the fact that the ghosts at the center of these movies can be thwarted with some pretty silly actions. Plus, on top of all that, for all the chatter there is about Ed & Lorraine Warren being real life paranormal investigators, there's just no way that their work is real. If this skepticism is what ends up getting me haunted and possessed tonight, just know that I went out in a blaze of glory.