The Hidden Text On The 'Black Panther' Suit Is Actually Really Sweet

Even six months after the release of Black Panther, fans are still uncovering all kinds of Easter eggs and hidden messages. The latest discovery hidden in this Marvel Studios movie will say nothing of the Marvel universe at large, but it is insanely cute.

T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) got an upgrade in Black Panther, with a suit specially designed by his tech genius sister Shuri (Letita Wright) to absorb kinetic energy and do a cool glow-y thing. But the new Black Panther suit did more than just glow purple whenever T'Challa got punched (a splashy effect that added some pizzaz to the final fight between T'Challa and Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger). It briefly flashed short Wakandan messages that decorated the suit, and established an even greater connection between T'Challa and his country.

Of course, this being a Marvel movie, fans immediately set out to discover what those messages meant. Over on the Movie Details subreddit, which focuses on finding hidden details in films, Reddit user thecruiser discovered the exact meaning of the text that appears when T'Challa first tests out the Black Panther suit. And using some handy Wakandan translators available on the internet, translated it for us:

In Black Panther, when T'Challa strikes the new Panther Habit suit to test its kinetic energy storage, some glowing Wakandan text appears on the torso. If you translate one chunk of this text, it actually says, "I Love You Mom."

Isn't that just the sweetest?

It could be a message left in by director Ryan Coogler to his parents who helped raise him from a kid in Oakland, California to one of the most prominent directors today — which the movie pays frequently pays tribute to. Or it could be the VFX artist leaving in a secret message to his or her's own parents. Or it could be a nod to the film's themes about family. If you really want to reach, maybe it's a joke about Batman v Superman's Martha.

But here's the obvious reason: When your mom is played by Angela Bassett, of course you'd leave messages to her all over the place.