Cool Stuff: Funko's Savage World 'Thundercats' Are Classic Beefcake Action Figures

Last week, you might have been weirded out by Funko's release of a certain set of action figures in their Savage World line-up that turned iconic slashers like Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees into post-apocalyptic, pulp fiction style action figures with some of the biggest muscles you've ever seen. The line is inspired by the classic Masters of the Universe figures from decades ago, and thankfully, a more appropriate brand name is getting the Savage World treatment for fans to collect.

Thundercats is one of the most beloved animated shows of the 1980s, and since the character designs weren't far off in style from the super ripped characters of Masters of the Universe, they're the perfect intellectual property to get their own Savage World action figures. Check them out below.

Funko's Savage World Thundercats Figures

Savage World Thundercats Figures

The first wave of figures in the Savage World Thundercats line-up will be Lion-O, Panthro, Mumm-Ra and Slithe. For all of you collectors out there, don't worry about the limited roster. Many more Thundercats figures are on the way, some of which were glimpsed as sculpts at Toy Fair 2018 earlier this year.

Here's the official production description for the Savage World Thundercats figures:

Welcome to Third Earth – second home to the ThunderCats – following the destruction of their home planet Thundera. Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats and wielder of the Sword of Omens is ready to face off with Panthro against the demon priest Mumm-Ra and leader of the Reptilians, Slithe. These action figures are ready to reenact key battles between the ThunderCats and their chief antagonists.

These 5.5 inch figures will be available sometime in October and will only cost you around $13, so pay attention to your go-to online retailers and store shelves to see when they show up.