WTF Stuff: 'Savage Horror' Line Turns Horror Slasher Icons Into Killer Beefy Bros

Do you remember the old Masters of the Universe action figures that gave the characters impossibly buff bodies for kids to play out epic fantasy fights on the living room floor? Well, those retro designs for action figures are being brought back for a new line of figures from Funko called Savage World. The toy line will give characters from the likes of Thundercats and Conan the Barbarian the buff treatment, and that makes perfect sense. But part of this new action figure line-up is positively perplexing.

Funko has unveiled a line of Savage World Horror figures that give the buff body action figure treatment to some of horror's most iconic slashers. So for those of you who have always wanted to see insanely muscular versions of the killers from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Hellraiser and Friday the 13th, these action figures are for you.

Funko's Savage World Horror Action Figures

Savage World Horror Action Figures

These figures will be 5.5 inches tall and they come with trademark accessories. As you can see, the ripped Michael Myers has two kitchen knives for each of his bulbous arms. Meanwhile, the cloaked Freddy Krueger has his trademark clawed hand, and Leatherface has an attachable chainsaw arm which you can swap out with a hammer. Pinhead and Jason Vorhees get some slightly more medieval weapons, but the real threats are their beefy arms anyway.

These action figures are so weird to me, and I honestly don't know why they exist. Having said that, if they ever come out with a line of unnecessarily, extremely buff Ghostbusters figures, of course I will be forced to buy them while shaking my head.