Cool Stuff: Massive Cloud City LEGO Set Lets You Recreate The End Of 'The Empire Strikes Back'

There are countless LEGO sets giving us building brick versions of characters, vehicles and settings from the Star Wars universe. However, they're rarely as massive and extensive as this recently announced set recreating some of the most iconic moments from The Empire Strikes Back.

LEGO has revealed a new playset called Betrayal at Cloud City and the 2,812 piece-set allows fans to build and recreate all of the key scenes set in the city controlled by Lando Calrissian. Plus, it has scale versions of Boba Fett's ship Slave I, the Cloud Car and a dozen and a half minifigures, including multiple versions of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Check out the photos of the new Cloud City LEGO set below to see how awesome this thing is.

The Empire Strikes Back LEGO Cloud City Playset

Cloud City LEGO Set

Look at that thing! It has every possible scene you'd want to recreate in building brick form, and it includes a bunch of minifigures and accessories for you to do it. Let's take a closer look at some of the scenes from the movie.

When Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia arrive at Cloud City, they're given a quick walkthrough of the facility run by Lando Calrissian. It's a brief moment of friendship and decency before Lando reveals that he has betrayed his old buddy Han by selling the Rebels out to the Empire.

Speaking of which, the playset will allow you to recreate the scene where Han Solo walks in to see Darth Vader awaiting them at a dinner table where he doesn't hesitate a single second before firing his blaster at the dark lord of the Sith.

It wouldn't be Cloud City without the carbon freezing chamber where Han Solo is frozen in carbonite as a trap meant to be set for Luke Skywalker. It's a more compact and slightly more complete version of the standalone carbon freezing chamber LEGO set that was previously released but is now retired. It looks like Han can be lowered into the chamber just like he could with that LEGO playset.

And of course there's the lightsaber duel where Luke Skywalker confronts Darth Vader for the first time and totally has his ass handed to him (and his hand chopped off). If you position the playset at the end of a table, you can even recreate the huge leap Luke's make to avoid the shocking revelation made by his father.

Cloud City LEGO Set

Other areas include the landing pad for Boba Fett's Slave I, the interrogation room where Han Solo is tortured and questioned, and the room where C-3PO gets blasted by a Stormtrooper. The inclusion of all of these scenes call back to the classic Micro Machine sets that used to be all over toy shelves in the 1990s, but on a larger scale.

And of course, there's Boba Fett's Slave I, which is much smaller than the Ultimate Collector's Series recreation of the ship, fitting much better with the scale of other LEGO ships from the Star Wars universe. And there's also the twin-pod Cloud Car that escorts the Millennium Falcon into Cloud City.

Now for the bad news. Since this is such a big LEGO set, it's gonna cost you $349.99. You can pick it up over at the LEGO shop starting on October 1 this fall, and even though it has a steep price tag, it's probably the ultimate Star Wars LEGO playset for fans of The Empire Strikes Back.