MoviePass Still Thinks They Can Make Movies, Casts Bruce Willis In '10 Minutes Gone'

Making a movie is extraordinarily difficult even under optimal conditions. But that's not stopping MoviePass from trying to make one themselves while they're desperately trying to avoid an all-out tailspin into financial ruin. MoviePass Films has just cast Bruce Willis in a ludicrous-sounding new thriller called 10 Minutes Gone, the newest of three MoviePass movies under the company's subsidiary production company.

You've probably heard all about Gotti, the John Travolta film that stirred up its fair share of controversy and still holds a rare 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That was MoviePass Films' first project. They followed that up with something I've never heard of: a film called The Row, which doesn't look much better than Gotti:

Now Deadline says MoviePass has hired Bruce Willis to play a villain in 10 Minutes Gone, which is not a prediction of how long MoviePass is going to continue to exist, but instead a thriller that will technically be the first of these three films to have a production start under the MoviePass Films banner, which was started after the movie ticket subscription service's parent company acquired Emmett Furla Oasis Films earlier this summer. Here's the synopsis:

The story follows a man who loses ten minutes of his memory due to being hit by a stray bullet during a bank heist gone wrong. He must put the pieces of his broken memory together in order to find out who sabotaged the job and took the money, all while being pursued by a powerful crime boss hellbent on recovering the cash. Willis plays the pissed off crime boss.

Again, even under the best possible circumstances, making a movie and having it turn out to be good – especially one with a plot as bonkers as this – is a daunting challenge. But if you've been paying attention, you know that MoviePass is squandering what little goodwill they had left with subscribers and has had to revamp their pricing structures in order to stay alive after completely running out of money. It seems like they have some other more pressing matters to contend with aside from orchestrating an entire film production.

Brian A. Miller, who has previously directed Willis in disposable low-budget fare like Vice, Reprisal, and The Prince, will direct 10 Minutes Gone, which has a script from a short film producer named Kelvin Mao and co-writer Jeff Jingle, who has primarily worked in the special effects department throughout his career. This is their first feature-length screenplay. Meadow Williams, Swen Temmel, Sergio Rizzuto, and Tyler Jon Olson comprise the rest of the cast, and production is set to get underway next month in Ohio, of all places.