'Disenchantment' Teasers Introduce The World And Characters Of The Animated Fantasy Comedy

Disenchantment, Netflix's latest animated comedy from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, made a big splash at the San Diego Comic-Con with the debut of the first trailer. However, some viewers might be looking for a little more insight into what the series will bring to the table that makes it stand out from the rest of the adult animated fare out there.

A batch of new Disenchantment teasers have arrived with a bunch of footage that wasn't in the first trailer for the series, and they do a great job of introducing the setting of Dreamland, as well as the trio of characters at the center of the story, who are voiced by Abbi Jacobson (Broad City), Eric Andre (Man Seeking Woman) and Nat Faxon (The Way Way Back).

Watch the New Disenchantment Teasers

Disenchantment takes place in Dreamland, and just like Springfield and New New York in The Simpsons and Futurama, there's a large ensemble of wacky characters who populate the setting. But instead of being the suburbs of wherever Springfield is or the bustling metropolis of the future, it's a fantastical medieval sort of setting where there are mythical creatures, magical wizards, and dimwitted elves. Speaking of which...

Here's a teaser that introduces Elfo, who has abandoned his post in the forest making candy in favor of seeing the rest of the world. He has a Bart Simpson look about him, but he's clearly a bit more of a doofus, as evidenced by his antics in these teasers. Everyone has a comedic role on this show, but he's clearly meant to be the slapstick, stupid one.

Then there's the demon named Luci, who gets mistaken for a small cat. He wants to bring suffering to humanity, but he doesn't mind hanging around with Elfo and his human counterpart Bean. He's clearly the dark one of the group, literally and figuratively, always looking to contribute to the decay of society.

And finally, there's our main character Bean, a woman who's tough, rough and not your typical fairytale princess. As we saw in the first Disenchantment trailer, her arranged marriage to a prince doesn't go very well, and she sets out on her own to discover who she really is. She's easily the most interesting part of the series, especially with Abbi Jacobson providing the voice.

Otherwise, the rest of the cast includes plenty of familiar names from The Simpsons and Futurama, including John DiMaggio, Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, David Herman, Matt Berry, Jeny Batten, Rich Fulcher, Noel Fielding, and Lucy Montgomery.

Honestly, as much as I loved The Simpsons growing up and most of the run of Futurama, this series feels a little flat. The jokes aren't all that funny, and only the lead character seems to be entertaining thus far. Maybe the show needs some time to figure out what it really needs to be, but so far, I'm mostly unimpressed. Maybe that will change after watching a few episodes.

Disenchantment hits Netflix on August 17, 2018.