'The Purge' TV Series Trailer Asks 'What Is More American Than The Purge?'

The Purge is coming to TV to deliver yet another night of lawlessness in America. Who will Purge, who will be Purged, and who will just say inside and binge-watch something else instead? The latest Purge TV series trailer is here, and...it looks like more of the same! If you like the film series, you'll likely enjoy what this trailer is selling. Watch The Purge TV series trailer below.

The Purge TV Series Trailer

A fun drinking game: take a shot of your liquor of choice every time someone says "America" in this trailer. You'll have alcohol poisoning in no-time! The Purge truly is a strange series overall. What started off as your standard home-invasion horror flick quickly mutated into a heavy-handed allegory for the evils of America. There's a great concept in here, somewhere. But so far, I've been a bit lukewarm on The Purge films. And based on this trailer, The Purge TV series isn't going to change that. It looks exactly like the movies, with the added "bonus" of also looking like a cheaply made TV show.

The Purge will follow the same formula as the films – thanks to the fascist New Founding Fathers, America now has an annual tradition of one night of lawlessness. Everyone is free to commit any crime they want – including murderThe Purge TV series is adopting a 24-style format, where each episode will focus on one particular hour of Purge night. Gabriel Chavarria stars as Miguel, a U.S. Marine trying to find his sister (Jessica Garza), a member of a Purge-worshipping cult who is willing to sacrifice herself for Purge Night.

Am I nuts, or is their a weird attempt to reference Hulu's Handmaid's Tale adaptation here? There are multiple shots of women in hooded cloaks, and someone even says "Blessed be the Purge", which sounds very similar to Handmaid's "Blessed Be the Fruit." Perhaps the Purge showrunners saw what a huge hit Handmaid's Tale was and decided their own dystopian nightmare show could borrow some ideas.

The Purge premieres on USA on September 4, 2018.

Based on the hit movie franchise from Blumhouse productions, THE PURGE revolves around a 12-hour period when all crime, including murder, is legal. Set in a dystopian America ruled by a totalitarian political party, the series follows several seemingly unrelated characters living in a small city. Tying them all together is a mysterious savior who's impeccably equipped for everything the night throws at them. As the clock winds down with their fates hanging in the balance, each character is forced to reckon with their pasts as they discover how far they will go to survive the night.