A Giant Jeff Goldblum Statue Has Been Erected In London

If erecting a 25-foot Jeff Goldblum statue in the middle of London was ever a question of whether we should or could, the answer will always be yes.

Science finally does something right and gives us the greatest tourist trap that has ever existed (Seven Wonders of the World, eat your heart out): a giant, half-shirtless Jeff Goldblum statue standing — or rather, reclining — on the banks of the River Thames in honor of the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park.

It was a moment that would go down as the thirstiest, and most meme-able, scene in history: a wounded, panting Jeff Goldblum with his shirt ripped open as he lies in repose midway through Jurassic Park. It's a scene only made better by Goldblum's ascension to pop culture god and the internet's favorite boyfriend — something that the actor is all too willing to play into in each of his delightful, seemingly never-ending jaunts around the press circuit.

Well, wait until he gets a load of the 25-foot statue of himself erected on the banks of the River Thames by London's Tower Bridge.

Jeff Goldblum Statue

Unwitting Londoners were rewarded with the sight of a statue reenacting Goldblum's famous pose in the 1993 dinosaur disaster movie, complete with the tight black pants, unbuttoned black shirt, and glorious chest fuzz. But it wasn't the work of some talented fangirl or Banksy — the statue is a publicity stunt by Now TV to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Jurassic Park franchise. The film is being offered as part of their subscription package.

The statue has already created quite a stir on social media, with fans already flocking to take pictures next to the statue (no word on whether that pug was also available for snapshots).

Now TV joined in on the social media fun, tweeting about the scene that inspired the seductive statue: "25 years ago, Jurassic Park (and one of the best moments in movie history) was born. A quarter of a century later, we introduce you to #JurassicJeff #JurassicPark."

Goldblum has seen the statue, and we're hoping he heads over to pose  (hopefully shirtless) next to the statue himself. I'm not asking for much, Jeff. Bring a pug with you too.

10/10 GOLDBLUMS! ???????????????????? #JurassicJeff (?: @nowtv)

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Fans of the franchise can gather around London's south bank to see the temporary 330-pound installation. The statue will remain on the banks until July 26, 2018.