'The Purge' Honest Trailer: A Concept Creative In Executions, Not In Execution

Today we celebrate everything American, so the folks behind Honest Trailers turned the spotlight on the most American film franchise there is: The Purge.

What could be more American than a movie that condemns senseless violence while also glorifying stylized senseless violence, all in a world full of strife and corporate greed? The Purge does away with all that pesky social commentary veiled with metaphors and just lays it all out on the table. Thankfully, The Purge Honest Trailer is here to remind us all just how on the nose this franchise has always been.

The Purge Honest Trailer

The Purge franchise has never used the concept at the center of the movie to its full potential, opting to go for more creative kills than creative writing. Meanwhile, the commentary at the center of the movie always seems like it's just a little too late, echoing what came before instead of having anything poignant to say about the future or offering any commentary that goes beyond a freshman philosophy paper.

Anyway, if you need to see where all of this madness started, don't forget that The First Purge is in theaters right now. It shows us how a corrupt government used what was supposed to be a psychological experiment as a way to affirm the necessity to introduce The Purge to the public and even the playing field for those in power who are worried about losing their power. So yeah, that lack of subtlety appears to still be intact.