Sony Accidentally Uploaded An Entire Movie To YouTube Instead Of A Trailer

You may not have heard of the film Khali the Killer, but for a brief, shining moment today, you could've watched the whole film for free. Because some unlucky intern at Sony accidentally uploaded the entire movie to the Sony YouTube page, instead of uploading the trailer. Whoops.

In 2014, a hacker group hacked Sony Pictures, releasing confidential data, emails and even screeners of then-unreleased films. Today, Sony accidentally hacked themselves. Someone over at Sony made a big mistake and uploaded an entire film to the Sony YouTube page instead of a trailer. That film was Khali the Killer, a low-budget crime drama made back in 2016. The film has already had a DVD and Blu-ray release in the Netherlands, and is set to open in a few theaters in August 2018.

But if you just happened to be perusing the Sony YouTube page earlier today, you could've caught a glimpse of the entire film long before it's U.S. release date. The accidental upload has since been removed. If you want to watch the real trailer, as opposed to the mistaken full movie upload, here you go.

Khali the Killer

And here's the synopsis:

Khali (Richard Cabral) is a murderer and commits his murders in East L.A. His last job is the first time that his actions make him think about what he does for living.

I'm sure Sony isn't very happy with this, but I have some sympathy for the intern who probably accidentally did this. Look, it's the day before the 4th of July. Everyone already has their minds on the impending day off. Some people have mentally and even physically checked out already. I'm sure the top brass at Sony have already knocked-off early for the day, leaving a team of lowly, low-paid interns to man the ship. So while some intern was likely day-dreaming about clocking out for the day and then knocking back a cold one at a BBQ, they accidentally uploaded the wrong file to YouTube.

As for Khali the Killer, if you didn't catch it while it was briefly online, and you really want to see it, you'll have your chance in August. The film is scheduled for an August 31, 2018 release date, per IMDb.