'Ant-Man And The Wasp' Clip: A Car Chase Takes An Unusual Turn

Fans' heads are still spinning from the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, but Marvel Studios is barreling on with Ant-Man and the Wasp, the 20th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that hits theaters next month. In a newly-released Ant-Man and the Wasp clip, we get to see Evangeline Lilly's Wasp employ some pretty slick driving skills in one of the most unconventional car chases in any superhero film. Take a look below.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Clip

Hope van Dyne's prowess behind the wheel and the way her Pym Particle-infused van shrinks and grows on command are obviously the major draws in this clip, but it's also a lot of fun to see Walton Goggins in character as Sonny Burch, a sleazy villain who sounds like he's stepping straight out of an Elmore Leonard novel.

"I want that lab, boys – whatever it takes," he growls into a walkie-talkie, referring to Hank Pym's high-tech laboratory that has currently been shrunken down to size and is hiding inside Hope's van. What exactly does Burch want with it? Maybe his mom is trapped inside the Quantum Realm, too? (Probably not – but that'd be a crazy coincidence!)

Ant-Man and the Wasp Ghost 3

It looks like this clip only showcases the beginning of the chase sequence. We know from this newly-released photo of Ghost, the movie's mysterious villain played by Hannah John-Kamen, that her character is also trying to get her hands on the lab, and in previous trailers we've seen her cruise alongside the van on a motorcycle and use her phasing powers to get into the vehicle.

Meanwhile, it's always nice to see Michael Pena's Luis quipping his way through the scene. Here he's seen wearing the X-Con Securities uniform of his brand new company. You can read much more about the film in our full set visit report.

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes a new chapter featuring heroes with the astonishing ability to shrink: "Ant-Man and The Wasp." In the aftermath of "Captain America: Civil War," Scott Lang (Rudd) grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a Super Hero and a father. As he struggles to rebalance his home life with his responsibilities as Ant-Man, he's confronted by Hope van Dyne (Lilly) and Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas) with an urgent new mission. Scott must once again put on the suit and learn to fight alongside The Wasp as the team works together to uncover secrets from their past.

Ant-Man and the Wasp arrives in theaters on July 6, 2018.