Let's Run Through All Of Jack-Jack's Powers From 'Incredibles 2'

Incredibles 2 is in theaters now, and that means fans have gotten a glimpse at every single one of the new powers displayed by Parr family's youngest superhero, Jack-Jack.

Our first hint of Jack-Jack having superpowers came at the end of The Incredibles when a whole array of special abilities came flying out of the baby when he was in the midst of being kidnapped by Syndrome. And we found out about even more of them in the animated short Jack-Jack Attack that was released with the home video version of The Incredibles. But we find out about some fascinating new powers Jack-Jack has in Incredibles 2, and now there are so many that we thought it might help to have a handy list to keep track of them all. But beware of spoilers for Incredibles 2 as we list off all of the Jack-Jack superpowers we know about.

When it comes to giving Jack-Jack powers, director Brad Bird told us during a Pixar press day that he didn't try to reel in how many abilities the baby received:

"I didn't put a lot of limits on them initially, so they started doing everything. I think that we started to go, 'Alright, we gotta settle down a little bit towards act three. We don't want to have any new powers in act three.' And then we got into act three and there were a few points where, 'Oh, it'd be really cool if we had one more new power here.' So, we kinda told ourselves to stay strictly on our diet and we kinda broke it a couple of times. We didn't have a lot of limitations. We tried to treat this very unrealistic world, tried to pepper in realism in terms of what people think, how they react to having powers."

So let's dig into all the super powers that Jack-Jack has displayed throughout the franchise.

Bursting into Flames

This was the very first super power that Jack-Jack displayed when he was kidnapped by Syndrome, though we know thanks to Jack-Jack Attack it wasn't the first superpower he used altogether. Jack-Jack's entire body becomes engulfed in flames and he sets fire to anything he touches.

You might notice that the look of Jack-Jack when he's on fire has changed quite a bit from the first film and accompanying short. That's because the way Pixar animated fire has advanced and become much more sophisticated, but animators also wanted audiences to be able to see Jack-Jack's facial expression and body language better when he was covered in fire. The process to get this look right required a lot of trial and error, but the final version above looks fantastic.

Turning into Metal

The second power displayed by Jack-Jack while in the hands of Syndrome was turning into metal. Not only does his body appear metallic, but he suddenly becomes much heavier, as evidenced by Syndrome's sudden drop out of the air and struggle to keep him moving towards his ship flying above the Parr household in the first movie.

Levitation and Flying

Previously seen in Jack-Jack Attack, the baby can easily float in the air, so much that he can sit on the ceiling with ease. On top of that, Jack-Jack appears to have more powerful flying abilities because in Incredibles 2, he sneezes a couple times and blasts himself into the air like a rocket, leaving a stream of smoke behind him.

Teleporting and Dimension-Hopping

While floating and flying, Jack-Jack has also shown the ability to teleport from one place to another – and he's in another dimension during the teleportation. When Edna gives Mr. Incredible a tracking device to be able to predict where Jack-Jack will reappear after teleporting, it tells him what dimension the baby is in. That makes us wonder what these other dimensions look like and whether he can stay there for longer periods of time and maybe even take people with him. Some kind of inter-dimensional story twist could be interesting in Incredibles 3.

Becoming Gelatinous and Sticky

During the raccoon fight in the backyard, Jack-Jack shows quite the array of powers. One of the new ones is turning into a somewhat translucent, gelatinous version of himself that is very sticky. He moves like he has no bones and the raccoon gets stuck to his body.


Another power shown during the raccoon fight is Jack-Jack's ability to move things with his mind. He looks at a trash can lid, picks it up, and guides it with his eyes back on the can so the raccoon can't steal any more of the family's trash. He also uses it later as a way of saving Elastigirl from being hypnotized by the goggles of The Screenslaver.

Laser Eyes

This power wasn't on display in The Incredibles, but it first showed up in the aforementioned animated short. Jack-Jack fired off a quick blast of purple lasers out of his eyes which the babysitter Kari nonchalantly deflected onto the ceiling with a small mirror. This power reappears in Incredibles 2, but his laser eyes are now a bright, neon green. Jack-Jack can do a constant laser stream out of his eyes or shorter laser blasts like we see in Star Wars and other sci-fi movies.

Super Strength

During the raccoon fight (and while Jack-Jack is on fire), we also see that the baby is quite strong. He takes lawn chairs and throws them across the yard without any problem whatsoever. Plus, he holds his own when he finally gets into a physical confrontation with the raccoon.


Despite getting in a fight with a raccoon, who has sharp teeth and claws, Jack-Jack comes away unscathed as Mr. Incredible notes that he doesn't have a single scratch on him. That's good, since he keeps launching himself into the air and flying into other dimensions. You never know what he's going to get into.


One of the more worrisome traits, especially for Mr. Incredible, is the fact that Jack-Jack can multiply himself. At first it's only half a dozen versions of the baby, but later when Edna is showing Mr. Incredible how to control and monitor his powers to the best of his ability, it looks like he can have at least a dozen (if not a few more) versions of himself. The one question that isn't answered is whether each of those Jack-Jacks can use any of his other super powers or if only the main Jack-Jack can.

Generating Electricity

Though Jack-Jack never uses this as an ability against anyone, he does show evidence of electrical abilities when he sneezes immediately after Mr. Incredible finds out about the baby's super powers. It comes in between a quick fit of bursting into flames and blasting his laser eyes when he sneezes as Mr. Incredible is holding him.

Walking Through Objects and Walls

On top of teleporting through other dimensions, Jack-Jack can also merely move through solid objects and walls. He showed off this ability as he was floating around in Jack-Jack Attack, and he uses it several times in Incredibles 2, including during the famous raccoon fight sequence in the backyard.

Becoming a Demon Baby

This was the third power we saw on display at the end of The Incredibles, and it's probably the most terrifying. Jack-Jack turns into a demon baby, looking more like a little purple gremlin than a baby. He gets crazy angry and tries to bite everything. But giving him a cookie sometimes helps. However, if you don't give him a cookie, he might become a demon baby and also set himself on fire, which shows us he can use multiple powers at once.

Growing in Size

During the climactic sequence aboard the DevTech Everjust hydroliner, when Jack-Jack is threatened by the air vent being enclosed around him by one of the wannabe super's telekinetic powers, he grows into a giant, fat version of Jack-Jack and plows through the walls of the ship. Does this mean Jack-Jack can also shrink in size too? That remains to be seen.


This was maybe the most surprising and adorable new superpower that the young superhero displayed. We know Jack-Jack can change his form to become metal, fire, gelatinous, and a demon baby, but he can also change his physical traits in more useful ways. At one point, Mr. Incredible gets desperate and takes Jack-Jack to Edna Mode's house for help. While Jack-Jack is admiring Edna, he changes his nose and eyes to resemble hers and even sprouts her signature rounded hairstyle.

Jack-Jack has fifteen powers...and counting

So there you have it: all of Jack-Jack's powers that we've seen thus far. Are there more that have yet to be discovered? It's certainly possible. Will Jack-Jack keep all these powers as he grows up? Maybe not. Edna Mode specifically says super children sometimes have more than one special ability, but they don't always last. But Jack-Jack's number of powers is certainly surprising, and for now, he's easily the secret weapon of the superhero family — even if he's a bit unpredictable.

Incredibles 2 is playing in theaters everywhere right now.