A 'Justice League' Artist Confirms The Existence Of A "Snyder Cut," Now People Are Heckling AT&T For Its Release

The Snyder Cut exists! Kind of. A storyboard artist who worked for the embattled Warner Bros. comic book movie recently confirmed a very rudimentary version of Zack Snyder's "vision" for Justice League exists. This is by no means the Justice League Snyder cut that fans of the director have been passionately demanding for months now, but it's apparently enough for the DC Extended Universe fans to take up arms for the cause again. Their target this time: AT&T.

Since Justice League was met with indifferent critical reviews and a disappointing box office in November 2017, fans of the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice director have rallied for Warner Bros. to release a mythical "Snyder cut" that may or may not have even existed. The film had seen a major overhaul since Snyder left the production prior to reshoots, which Joss Whedon shepherded at Warner Bros.' behest. Those reshoots reportedly reworked the film dramatically.

But fans, disappointed by the final theatrical product, demanded that the version Snyder originally shot be released — despite the studio's insistence that no such version existed. But storyboard artist Jay Oliva recently said that Snyder's "vision" was all completely shot.

Keep in mind that this doesn't mean a Snyder cut exists in the form that fans are demanding it. Oliva says himself that the film is not "100% polished," lacking completed VFX shots and Snyder's planned reshoots. It's only a cut of the movie in a crude, unprocessed form. And it's definitely not a cut of the film that Warner Bros. would be willing to release.

But that won't stop DCEU fans. Oliva's statements have only galvanized the fans calling for a Snyder cut once again, awakening them from their short slumber to launch a targeted lobbying campaign at AT&T. The telecommunications company had just wrapped up its massive, legally questionable purchase of Time Warner, giving it control of Warner Bros., CNN, and HBO, and others. Which, to DCEU fans, means that there's one more person to yell at for the Snyder cut.

Yes, this is the hill that DCEU fans are willing to die on. Because there's nothing else important going on in the world. Alternatively, you can just entreat Oliva for more deets on Snyder's original "grand vision" for Justice League, for which the artist continues to toot the horn.

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