'The Incredibles' Honest Trailer: The Best 'Fantastic Four' Movie Never Made

This week finally brings Incredibles 2 to theaters after fans have been waiting 14 years for a sequel to the Pixar Animation superhero adventure. With so much time passing between the movies, of course Honest Trailers has to take aim at The Incredibles, the movie that pulls off what Fantastic Four never could: a dynamic superhero family adventure with heart, excitement and the perfect villain.

Watch The Incredibles Honest Trailer

As Screen Junkies points out, the villain of Syndrome (voiced by Jason Lee) has only become more relevant. He's a fanboy who decides to turn against heroes in the worst way when they don't live up to his expectations. Sound familiar?

What's even more fascinating about The Incredibles is how it presents such a bleak outlook on mundane life without superheroes. That's especially interesting to look back on after you see how the villain in Incredibles 2 views superheroes and what the bad guy does in order to ensure that they stay forcibly hidden from the the public eye.

But besides the more insightful commentary on the movie, it's surprising to look back at some of the darker elements of this movie, such as attempted suicide, henchman trying to shoot kids with guns, and those kids flat out killing them in retaliation. Yeah, this is a movie for kids, but hot damn is there a surprising amount of violence on display. But it's a family doing all this stuff, so that makes it okay. And that's why you should show Texas Chainsaw Massacre to your little ones.