A MoviePass Family Plan Is On The Way

MoviePass must've realized it's been a few days since people were talking about them, so they've gone and added something new to their ever-changing theater subscription service. A MoviePass Family Plan is on the way which will enable families of up to four people to purchase all tickets at once, under one account.

Say what you will about MoviePass, one thing is for sure: they're always trying new things. It seems every other month a new feature is added (or in some cases, removed) from the popular movie theater subscription service. The latest shake-up at MoviePass involves the introduction of a family plan that will (in theory) make the service more user-friendly to families.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Ted Farnsworth, CEO of Helios and Matheson Analytics (MoviePass' parent company), said:

We've been working on [a family plan for] awhile. So that's a family plan, and it's also the 'bring-a-friend' plan. ... It would be the same [cost] that it is right now. We might do something down the road to get more of a discount for the family plan. ... But it's all the convenience of going with your family. You've got it all in one app, one card, one everything.

If you're a solo user of MoviePass, this may not matter much to you. But if you use MoviePass with your entire family, this will make things a lot easier. Previously, if you were hoping to purchase multiple tickets for your family to attend a movie, every family member would have to order the tickets individually on their own respective phones. This removes that obstacle and allows one subscriber to order multiple tickets. This will also help with reserving multiple seats in one specific row (if you want to sit with your family, that is; you can always ignore your family completely and pretend you don't know them).

MoviePass is also rolling out a Bring-A-Friend Plan, which operates the same way, but removes that pesky familial bond element. As Farsnworth points out, there's no extra "deal" here, money-wise – the cost is the same. But at the very least, these new additions to MoviePass should make going to movies a little less frustrating for families and people who actually enjoy actual human contact (weirdos).

MoviePass hopes to roll-out the MoviePass Family Plan and the Bring-A-Friend Plan within the month, so if you've been holding out for something like this to join MoviePass, the time is now.