David Lynch Has Apparently Opened His Own Online T-Shirt Shop

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David Lynch, an artist who exists in a whooshing void full of amazing hair, cigarettes and beautiful, horrifying movies, has decided to open his own T-shirt shop on Amazon.

David Lynch doesn't make many movies anymore – last year's Twin Peaks revival was the first thing he'd filmed in nearly 11 years. Instead, he bides his time creating art in his studio. The art is predictably Lynchian – strange, haunting, darkly funny. Now, Lynch is offering his art to the public in a brand new way: on T-shirts.

The filmmaker launched an Amazon store the other day called Studio David Lynch, and while it's possible he'll sell other items in the future, the only things available now are T-shirts. Like this one, dubbed TURKEY CHEESE HEAD T-SHIRT.


The shirts all feature art created by Lynch, so if you've ever wanted to own any of the man's artistic creations, here's your chance! Each shirt will run you $26, which is a bit pricey for a T-shirt. But for fans of Lynch's work, or fans of weird, abstract T-shirts, these are must-haves.


If you wan't to learn more about Lynch and his art, I highly recommend the documentary David Lynch: The Art Life.

In the film, director Jon Nguyen films Lynch at work. We watch as Lynch prattles around in his studio, constantly smoking while creating strange, funny works of art. Along the way, we learn about Lynch's youth and life, and the beginning of his filmmaking career. It's sort of like the David Lynch origin story – the film shows us where he came from, and what drives him. It's a fascinating glimpse into the inner world of one of the most interesting filmmakers of our time.

This in itself is a minor miracle, because Lynch is usually guarded in interviews, and almost always refuses to explain himself and his art. But Nguyen's film found a way to get Lynch talking.

"We were able to give him a canvas to let these stories leak out, because we knew that was what we wanted to do. He's always been reluctant to talk about his films," Nguyen said. "He's very reserved. Talking about his films we were like, 'Okay, the best key to understanding his films must be from him as a person.' And it's not him as an adult, it's him during formative periods. I wanted learn about him during Philadelphia. I was like, 'Oh, there must be interesting stuff, because that's when he was really formulating these ideas. Must be,' so we framed it that way up to Eraserhead. Once he becomes a filmmaker living in L.A. was not interesting because it was a different lifestyle. The early, young artist period, I knew was going to be interesting. Using that framework we were able to dig up stories to help us to really understand his films a lot better."

You can access Lynch's T-shirt store here.

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