'Krypton' Renewed For Season 2, 'The Terror' May Return, And 'Stranger Things' Cast Talks About Season 3

It's a busy time for genre television. Syfy has renewed its Superman prequel series Krypton for a second season, AMC's horror series The Terror – which we thought came to an end last night – may return for a second season of its own, and a few cast members of Stranger Things 3 have teased fans can expect from the upcoming third season of Netflix's beloved sci-fi hit. Read more about all three below.

Krypton Season 2

The season one finale of Krypton airs this Wednesday night, but if it ends on a cliffhanger, fans have no need to worry: Syfy has ensured that Krypton season 2 will be around to continue the story. The show has been performing very well for the network thus far, so a second season isn't too surprising. We've had weekly recaps of Krypton season one here at /Film for the whole season, and it sounds like, after a bumpy start, the show's writers have started to discover ways to make the series sing. Here's hoping they stick the (temporary) landing with the season one finale.

Season 2 is expected to arrive on Syfy sometime in 2019.

The Terror Season 2

In our review of The Terror's season one finale, Chris Evangelista wrote:

"What an achievement The Terror was. An eerie, scary, heartfelt and almost soul-crushingly sad exploration of death. There's no room for more seasons; no room for more stories. This is a completely contained show, telling one tragic tale, and leaving the audience almost traumatized as a result."

But now there are whispers that The Terror might continue after all. I won't spoil the events of the first season, but let's just say things end on a pretty bleak note. But TV Guide spoke with co-showrunner Soo Hugh, who said a second season could potentially take things in a whole new direction:

"When AMC greenlit the show now almost three years ago, they greenlit it as an anthology show. Meaning Season 1 would be the story of the Franklin Expedition, and subsequent seasons would take on a new narrative that carried the DNA that we established in Season 2."

That would make The Terror AMC's first anthology series. But if it does return, it'll be without its showrunners. Hugh says she and creator David Kajganich won't be coming back:

"Dave and I aren't coming back for Season 2 by our choice. We're just really excited to see what AMC does with what we've done. I'd like to go onto a smaller canvas [for my next project]. We're both exhausted."

Stranger Things 3

At a special event celebrating the second season of Netflix's Stranger Things, cast members Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven/Jane) and Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) appeared on a panel and offered a few scant details about what fans can expect from the third season.

"Season 1, I feel like, was more playful," Schnapp said. "Season 2 was a lot darker. And then Season 3 does really well blending them together, and that's what I love about it."

As someone who thought the first season was incredible and was considerably let down by season 2, this sounds like a step in the right direction to me.

The second season saw Eleven cordoned off from her friends and teamed up with Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour), and while it was nice to watch those two actors work opposite each other, I'm looking forward to seeing Eleven back as a true member of the group. Brown told Variety:

"It's a beautiful storyline for Eleven this season. It's really a coming of age for her and understanding what being a normal teenage girl is."

The girl's been through a lot, and since we know the entire show isn't going to shift tones to solely be a drama about her fitting in at school, I'm looking forward to seeing that as a foundation underneath the layers of sci-fi that are bound to pop up.

Stranger Things 3 is expected to arrive sometime in 2019.