Lets Talk About The 'Deadpool 2' Cameos You May Have Missed

Deadpool 2 is now playing in theaters everywhere, so let's talk about some of the surprising cameos that pop up in the film. There's one group of Deadpool 2 cameos you definitely noticed, one cameo you might have missed, and one I'm almost positive most people didn't catch at all. The cameos are revealed below. Beware of spoilers.x cameo

The X-Men

This is the most obvious cameo, so let's get it out of the way. Early in the film, Deadpool – down on his luck and grieving the death of the love of his life, Vanessa – ends up at the X-Mansion. Once again, Deadpool 2 recycles the joke from the first Deadpool that the mansion seems suspiciously empty whenever Deadpool is present – only Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus are around. While Deadpool is bemoaning this fact, and pointing out how cheap it makes the movie look, the camera cuts to reveal that most of the X-Men – including James McAvoy as Professor X, Evan Peters as Quicksilver, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, and Tye Sheridan as Cyclops – are in a room behind Deadpool. They quietly shut the door before he can notice them. This moment got a huge reaction from the crowd when I saw the film, because I don't think anyone was expecting it.

brad pitt deadpool 2

Brad Pitt

In Deadpool 2, Deadpool assembles a team called the X-Force to help take on Cable. Almost immediately after the team gets together, all of them (save Domino) die terrible deaths – a funny joke that's actually completely stolen from the much-funnier MacGruber, but I digress. One of the team members is a character dubbed Vanisher. His superpower is invisibility – when the team jump out of a plane, it just looks like a lone prachuette pack attached to no one is falling from the sky. Then the pack slams into some power wires, and that's when we get to see who Vanisher is – Brad Pitt. As Vanisher is electrocuted to death, he becomes visible, and is played by Pitt in a very surprising cameo.

So how did Deadpool 2 get Pitt to appear in such a quick, silly cameo? It turns out he's friends with director David Leitch. Leitch got his start in Hollywood working in stunts, and actually served as Pitt's stunt double in Oceans 11 and Fight Club. "When we reached out to him to be involved in the movie in some way, I think he was pretty excited to find someplace where he could help," Leitch said. "When we landed on the Vanisher cameo, it seemed perfect for everybody." The director also added that the cameo only took about five minutes to shoot, with Pitt in front of a green screen at Fox's studios.

matt damon cameo

Matt Damon

While the previous cameos are easy to spot, I absolutely did not catch this cameo when I saw Deadpool 2. When Josh Brolin's Cable travels through time to end up in the present, he comes across two rednecks discussing the finer points of toilet paper (because the Deadpool franchise loves jokes about shit). One of the rednecks is played by Firefly actor Alan Tudyk. But the other is none other than Matt Damon.

Damon is unrecognizable, buried under prosthetics and wearing a fake beer belly. "I have a toilet paper manifesto of my own, abut the inadequacy of toilet paper," said writer Rhett Reese. "I do this bit about it, and I did it for Ryan. We all looked at each other and said, 'This has to go into the movie somehow.' Then we discussed what caliber actor would we need to do such a scene..." That actor: Matt Damon. Damon is credited in the film as Dickie Greenleaf – the character Jude Law plays in The Talented Mr. Ripley, a film that starred Damon. Deadpool 2 is actually the second superhero film in the last few months to feature a Damon cameo – he had a brief but memorable appearance in Thor: Ragnarok as well.

juggernaut cameo

Ryan Reynolds

Alright, this doesn't actually count as a cameo since Reynolds is the star of the damn movie. But the actor ends up playing more than one role in the film. While he plays Deadpool (and also himself in a post-credits scene), Reynolds also provides the voice of the Juggernaut (a character created entirely in CGI). "Ryan Reynolds is the voice of Juggernaut, believe it or not," Rhett Reese told IGN. "Slightly modulated with a computer to bring his register down...Ryan did a fun job with the voice. He didn't have many lines, he's a man of few words, but he's a man of great anger and forcefulness, and we think it worked out pretty well."