'The X-Files' Won't Be Returning, But 'Prison Break' And '24' Are Coming Back

If you were hoping for The X-Files season 12, we have some bad news: the show isn't returning. At least, not for now. But FOX's reliable shows Prison Break and 24 will both be coming back...again.

x-files ending

No X-Files Season 12

The X-Files revival has been hit or miss, and mostly miss. While fans were thrilled to have Agent Mulder and Agent Scully back on the small screen solving spooky mysteries, a lot of the newer episodes left a lot to be desired. Star Gillian Anderson said she wouldn't return for more, and while creator Chris Carter said it was hard to consider more X-Files without Anderson, he didn't entirely rule the idea out. But it looks like The X-Files have finally been closed. For now, at least.

Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn confirmed (via IndieWire) that there are currently no plans to do another season of the show. This is for the best. I'm a huge fan of the original run of The X-Files, but I think the show has run its course. And the thought of the show returning in any capacity without Gillian Anderson would be something of a travesty. It's best to let The X-Files ride off into the sunset. The truth is still out there, and the truth is: it's time to let this show end for good.

Prison Break Is Returning 

The X-Files may not be returning to Fox, but Prison Break is. A Prison Break revival launched last year with a fifth season. Reviews were mixed-to-negative, but the audience reaction was apparently positive enough for Fox to want more. "Prison Break is in early stages of development," said Michael Thorn. "We are focusing on getting the next iteration right."

There's no indication of what the next new Prison Break season will be about, but Thorn's statement that they're focused on "getting the next iteration right" indicates they're putting some sort of thought into this idea and not just going for a quick cash-grab.

Corey Hawkins in 24 Legacy

24 Is Returning Too

24 has already had one reboot, and also one revival – 24: Legacy, featuring Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins. But that won't the least we see of the 24 brand. Fox chairman Dana Walden revealed that yet another 24 season is in the works. In fact, it looks like multiple 24 seasons are being talked about right now. One includes the previously-reported legal thriller about a female lawyer racing against the clock to unravel a conspiracy. There's no word on what the other potential 24 ideas are, but it's worth noting that original 24 star Kiefer Sutherland has some free time on his hands again. His most recent show Designated Survivor was just cancelled, so perhaps Fox can woo him back for more 24.