'Fifty Shades Freed' Honest Trailer: This Story Is About As Sexy As Rabies

Because sometimes the universe is merciful, the erotic film franchise that began with Fifty Shades of Grey and unfortunately continued with Fifty Shades Darker finally came to an end with Fifty Shades Freed earlier this year. The sequel certainly arrived with far less pomp and circumstance than the first film adapting the laughable writing of author E.L. James, but the folks at Honest Trailers were sure to give the franchise a proper send-off by not only mocking the final installment, but also looking back at the most ludicrous moments of this supposedly sexy trilogy.

Watch the Fifty Shades Freed Honest Trailer

While these movies are undoubtedly easy targets, you can't help but still feel satisfied in taking them down if only because their mere existence meant that there was some other movie that didn't get funded because these three movies just had to be made.

Then again, I suppose it could be argued that the money earned from these abominations could go on to fund the acquisition and distribution of lower profile indie movies that otherwise might not have been seen by a larger audience. However, even if these movies are doing good in that regard, the producers could at least have the decency to contain some quality writing and interesting characters to make it worthwhile.

But ultimately the blame for that falls on the Twilight fan fiction writer turned best-selling author. The movies probably just shouldn't have been made in the first place. Hopefully this is the last we'll hear of them.