Kevin Feige Responds To James Cameron's 'Avenger Fatigue' Comment

The real Infinity War isn't between the Avengers and Thanos – it's between MCU head honcho Kevin Feige and James Cameron. The two cinematic titans are engaged in bloody, brutal feud that will result in death! Oh wait, I'm sorry, that's not accurate at all. Instead, James Cameron made a comment about "Avenger fatigue", and now Kevin Feige has responded.

Over the weekend, James Cameron offered the following harmless quote about his concerns of superhero movie over-saturation:

"I'm hoping we're going to start getting Avenger fatigue. Not that I don't love the movies. It's just, Come on, guys, there are other stories to tell besides, you know, hypogonadal males without families doing death-defying things for two hours and wrecking cities in the process."

Cameron's quote is actually quite reasonable – there are an abundance of superhero films, and they do tend to overcrowd the market. But Cameron was also quick to admit he loves superhero movies anyway. Of course, as the story spread, most people tended to focuses primarily on the "Avenger fatigue" part of the statement (and also his use of the word "hypogonadal") and nothing else. Needless to say, some MCU fans were unhappy, and wanted Cameron to shut his gob. Now, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has weighed-in.

Sort of.

Speaking with Vulture, Feige jokingly only commented on one part of Cameron's message:

"Uh, he loves the movies!" Feige said, a knowing grin spreading on his face. He stood up, pumping his arm. "That's awesome! Wow, James Cameron loves our movies! That's exciting!"

This is all a little silly. While I can understand why Marvel fans would take umbridge with Cameron's statement (and the use of "hypogonadal" is a bit much), I also think there's some logic in what the filmmaker is saying. There are a lot of superhero movies right now, and while a lot of them are pretty damn good movies, it often feels like they're the only game in town. Superhero movies, especially from Marvel, are a sure-thing as far as box office goes. As a result, they tend to get the most attention and the most prominence in the market. If all you want from the world of movies is superhero stories, then you're in luck. If you want something more, however,'re kind of screwed. I think what Cameron is really trying to say here is that he'd like to see the same sort of budgets and promotional blitzes awarded to non-superhero movies for a change.

Also, I'll just come right out and say it: Marvel has yet to make a movie as good as The Terminator. (Sorry not sorry.) That said, Cameron can come across as a bit of a jerk at times. His comments about Wonder Woman being a "step backwards" were completely off the mark, and perhaps people are taking those comments into account when they react to Cameron's Marvel statement.