Exclusive 'Ghost Stories' Clip: Take A Peek At This Creepy And Cool Horror Anthology

What a time to be alive, horror fans. This blessed year of 2018 is bursting at Oogie Boogie's seams with goodies month after month (A Quiet Place right now, Hereditary to come), the latest of which is set to have y'all tripping something fierce in honor of 4/20.

The title? Ghost Stories, written, directed and adapted by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman based on their own West End play. It is, quite astonishingly, a cerebral headtrip that dances a fine line between cinema and stage. Two deceptively similar mediums that are also so remarkably different come together in a way that lays nasty little tricks of the mind with intent to thrill. Which it does...handily and confidently.

That's just one of the many reasons we're honored to debut this new exclusive clip for IFC Midnight's Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories Clip

Established so well by this appetizer bite is the film's central dilemma – Professor Goodman's (Andy Nyman) work of debunking paranormal existences called into question by the man's own idol, Charles Cameron (Leonard Byrne). He's asked to investigate three unsolvable cases, which – come the end – should help either prove his afterlife denouncements or convert a new believer. Three stories more unhinged than the last, everything from a night watchman's stalker to a businessman's poltergeist problem. Our most human condition shaped into existential glee.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Dyson and Nyman's pseudo-anthology for /Film out of this year's SXSW festival, and as you can tell, I'm a big fan:

"Ghost Stories is deliciously unexpected and gravely provocative in the bleakest, most under-the-skin manner. I think, for some, the narrative's continual tailspin will become a bit dizzying – but those like me who thrive on addressing existential cynicism head-on will be left psychologically pummeled and entertained. Dazed, only to wonder whether it's death we fear or life itself and all its imperfectly replaying memories. We cannot control it, nor knowledgeably describe it, and even the most "decorated" students lack almighty powers that'd assert otherwise. Have fun with this one, and please enjoy an utterly mystifying graveyard concoction that will rattle genre fiends long after their fourth, fifth or twentieth watch reveals yet another angle that might have first slipped by."

In addition to writing and directing, Nyman also stars as skeptic Professor Phillip Goodman. He's joined on screen by co-stars Martin Freeman (Black Panther), Paul Whitehouse (Corpse Bride), and Alex Lawther (The End Of The F***ing World) among others. Three different tales of terror spun around Goodman's own self-serving quest – a nice surprise in terms of variety between case files that are sure to leave heads sufficiently scratched by the time it's all over.

Ghost Stories opens this weekend on April 20, 2018.