New Comic Reveals What Happens Immediately After 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

What happens next in the Star Wars universe? We thought we'd have to wait until J.J. Abrams' still-untitled Star Wars: Episode 9 to find out, but now a new comic book will show us what happens right after Star Wars The Last Jedi, and it involves Rey, Finn, Poe, and BB-8 hanging out together for the first time.

13thdimension (via CinemaBlend) has some exclusive pages from the 26th issue of the Star Wars comic Poe Dameron, which will reveal what happens after the credits roll on The Last Jedi. Just before the film ended, we saw Rey and Chewbacca swoop down to Crait with the Millennium Falcon to rescue the surviving members of the Resistance. Rey was reunited with her old pal Finn, and she also met hotshot X-wing pilot Poe Dameron for the first time in the new trilogy.

This new comic mostly focuses on what Poe was up to offscreen during the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it will begin by pushing the narrative forward following The Battle of Crait as depicted in The Last Jedi. The story picks up with Poe, Finn, Rey, and BB-8 hanging out in the Falcon:

Star Wars Poe Dameron comicThe Last Jedi picked up right when The Force Awakens left off, but there's a widely-held assumption in Star Wars fandom that Episode 9 will jump ahead on the timeline when that film begins. If that's true, it's kind of a shame we (presumably) won't get to see the moments from this comic play out on screen. You can read more at the link above, but the conversation includes Finn and Rey bantering about the time she kicked Finn's ass on Jakku because she thought he had stolen Poe's jacket, Poe talking about how he's survived a bunch of crashes in his days as a pilot, and Rey subsequently questioning why the best pilot in the galaxy has gotten into so many crashes in the first place. ("Maybe Rey's the best pilot in the galaxy," Finn says. Good point!)

The majority of the comic revolves around Poe telling his friends the story of how he survived the crash on Jakku, how General Leia ordered him to meet up with Lor San Tekka, and more. You can pick up Poe Dameron #26 for yourselves when it hits shelves on April 18, 2018.