'Incredibles 2': Who Are The New "Wannabe" Supers On The Scene?

While the most recent trailer for Incredibles 2 revealed plenty that we hadn't previously seen from Pixar's anticipated superhero sequence, there's still a lot that we haven't heard about. While the villain remains mostly shrouded in secrecy, only recently revealed at the end of the aforementioned trailer, there's a whole crew of heroes that we haven't seen in any footage fromĀ Incredibles 2 yet. However, they can be spotted in the background of the new poster that debuted last week.

Now, we have details on the so-called "wannabe supers" that you can learn about below.

Who Are the Incredibles 2 Wannabe Supers?

There have been superheroes in existence for years in the world of The Incredibles. However, since they were declared illegal over 15 years ago, they've all gone into hiding. Plus, a good number of them were also killed by Syndrome while he was perfecting his Omnidroid creation in the original film. That leaves some space for new heroes to step up in their place.

The wannabe supers aren't just everyday citizens who are pretending to be superheroes like Syndrome did before. Instead, these are people with superpowers who aren't exactly at superhero status yet. But they're teaming up with Winston and Evelyn Deavor as part of their plan to paint superheroes in favorable light again.

So let's dig into who these wannabe superheroes are and their special abilities.

The Wannabe Supers Line-Up

Starting on the right side of the image above, we have Voyd. We saw her before when the full voice cast was announced, but now we know that she's part of this team of wannabe supers. Voiced by Sophia Bush, Voyd is a young and overeager fangirl of Elastigirl. But she has some pretty incredible powers in her own right, as she can divert and manipulate objects around her by creating voids that allow objects to appear and disappear. More specifically, she creates portals, not unlike Blink from X-Men: Days of Future Past. You can glimpse her powers in action being used to help Dash make a run for it with Jack-Jack in the most recent trailer.

Bird offered some more insight into her character during a press conference:

"I described her to the animators like we had this dog who is a very big, powerful dog that only has two settings. One is in your face, 'Love me, love me, love me!' The other is when you say 'get off' and it's 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Then you say 'Oh, it's ok' and it's [back to] 'Love me, love me, love me!' She's a little bit like that, where she's always leaning in a little too much and ready to ask you ten million questions. It's a fun character, I've never seen her before in a superhero movie."

To the left of Voyd, we have the buff Krushauer. You'll notice that the logo on his chest in the concept art is a little different than it is in the poster. It appears that maybe he was previously known as Crushauer, but it was changed to start with a "K," perhaps to give him a German background. Krushauer has the power of telekinesis, giving him the ability to crush a car without even touching it.

Next to Krushauer is the even more muscular Brick, who looks just like a wall made of her name. Brick is a muscular woman who looks like she may have strength that rivals that of Mr. Incredible. She also has a fearless spirit, which makes her a promising new superhero to join the ranks of The Incredibles.

On the smaller side of the wannabe supers spectrum we have Reflux. He's a senior citizen with the unsettling ability to upchuck hot lava from his mouth. It's disgusting for sure, but it also helps him break into secure locations that no one else can get into. Perhaps this is what happens when your heartburn gets out of control in your older years.

Looking like the coolest new hero on the scene, we have He-Lectrix standing next to Reflux. With a face that looks like a cartoon version of James Dean crossed with Frank Sinatra, he can shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips. Some inspiration for his look also came from the facial expressions of Tom Petty.

Finally, all the way on the left, we've got Screech. Looking like a more scrawny version of Nite Owl from Watchmen, this wannabe super has big owl-like eyes and he can rotate his head 360 degrees, just like a real owl. His ability to fly comes from a pair of wings he constructed himself, but his most intriguing natural ability is a high-pitched screech that is so powerful it can break glass.

Unfortunately, we have no idea who will be providing the voices for these wannabe supers, with the exception of Voyd. There's a good chance that some well-known names have already recorded their lines for these characters. But Pixar also likes to use voice talent from inside their own ranks, so they may not be voiced by any recognizable names at all. It's likely we'll find out more about these characters as the release of Incredibles 2 gets closer. But for those curious, we'll have one intriguing detail about these characters in our rundown of details on the film's new villain, the Screen Slaver, a bit later today.

If you want to learn more about Incredibles 2, check out our extensive reaction to footage we saw at Pixar Animation.

Incredibles 2 arrives in theaters this summer on June 15, 2018.