'The Greatest Showman' Honest Trailer: P.T. Barnum Was Actually A Huge Jerk

Though The Greatest Showman didn't have a huge opening weekend or break any major box office records, you might be surprised to learn that the film raked in nearly $173 million at the domestic box office, putting it in the lower end of the top 20 highest performing movies of 2017. On top of that it raked in another $247.3 million internationally. But Honest Trailers doesn't care about all that.

Now that The Greatest Showman is available on home video, it's time to really dig into this circus musical for what it is: a fabricated celebration of a man who was a total prick who owned a slave, abused animals, and exploited people for his own financial gain. Yes, this is the hero of this movie that people kept coming back to theaters to see so much that it even had a sing-a-long version released in theaters.

Watch The Greatest Showman Honest Trailer

Not only does Honest Trailers point out how much of an a**hole the real P.T. Barnum was, but they do it to the tune of the most catchy songs from the soundtrack. It's not only funny, but it paints a much more accurate picture than the one this musical puts forth.

Of course biopics are meant to be the most accurate portrayal of history, but this one certainly still tries to paint Barnum in a favorable light. Besides that, my biggest problem is that the movie can never really decide if it wants to be a musical in the same vein as Chicago or something a little more stylish and fantastical like Moulin Rouge.