'Jay And Silent Bob' Are Back – In A Virtual Reality Series

Jay and Silent Bob are striking back, again. But this time, you can see them in virtual reality. Writer-director Kevin Smith is reviving his iconic cinematic slacker duo for 2018 in a Jay and Silent Bob VR series.Jay and Silent Bob VR will be a live-action comedy series written and directed by Smith, the Tracking Board reports. The series will be shot from the point of view of Smith's Silent Bob character as Jason Mewes' Jay "leads the way through a string of idiotic adventures."

Yep, sounds like classic Jay and Silent Bob.

Kevin Smith first broke into the film industry with his groundbreaking, no-budget slacker comedy, Clerks. The 1994 indie comedy launched Smith's career, and began the legendary reign of its two most popular characters, Jay and Silent Bob. The duo would go on to cameo in nearly every one of Smith's films and receive their own spin-off film, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. They've starred in countless comic books, animated series, and even a video game.

So why are Jay and Silent Bob so popular? Is it the genial idiocy of Jay? The laconic coolness of Silent Bob? A combination of both? Or maybe it's because we just love seeing the best of ourselves in two stoner dudes who seem like they have nary a trouble in the world.

Jay and Silent Bob VR is just one of several VR projects in development announced by STX Entertainment's Surreal division, which handles VR and immersive entertainment production for the company.

Other announcements include an untitled live-action series from John Wick writer Derek Kolstad about a government agent sent to investigate a mysterious aircraft crash in 1947, and an action-comedy from Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista. Director Peter Berg will helm a VR spin-off of his  upcoming action film Mile 22, titled The Kiev Exchange, while the comedy New Tricks (directed and produced by The Hangover's Ed Helms) follows a slacker who discovers he is fated to become an all-powerful wizard.

Fans have been clamoring for more Jay and Silent Bob for years, and VR seems like a good — though unlikely — next step for the cinematic duo. After all, they've conquered virtually every other medium. Why not take VR to new stoner heights?

With the return of Jay and Silent Bob and the potential Bill and Ted sequel, it looks like happy stoner comedy is about to make its comeback. Good — we all need a dose of dumb, jovial comedy in our lives.