Who Wants To Buy A Life-Sized Spider-Man Statue For $6,000?

If you read that headline, did some quick mental math about how much is in your checking account, and said, "I do!", then today's your lucky day. A company called Section 9 is selling a life-sized Spider-Man statue based on the character's look in Marvel Studios and Sony's Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it can be yours for a cool six grand.

If you find yourself in a Brewster's Millions situation, with more money than you know what to do with, you can drop an extra six thousand dollars on a second Spidey statue that features the webslinger hanging upside down by a steel cable. Totally practical!

Section 9 has two new full-sized Spider-Man statues on sale for just over $5,000 each. When you add tax, that puts the cost closer to $6,000 – and that's not even factoring in shipping costs.

First up is a version of Tom Holland's Spider-Man perched on the edge of the Washington Monument from Homecoming, poised and ready to spring into action. The statue is made from fiberglass and comes with the base, and when it's put together, the whole thing stands at 76” tall, 24” wide, and 45” deep.

Next is the hanging version, which has Spidey in a pose that looks like it was ripped straight out the pages of a 1960s comic book. This one is a bit smaller at 57” tall, 35” wide, and 13” deep. Don't worry – the steel cable is included.

Marvel has an interview with Stephan Lokotsch, Section 9's CEO, who spoke about choosing the poses for the statues:

"When choosing a pose for a character who has been around for this long, you want to consider two things: a representation of the way he appears in the movie you're basing the statue on, and, equally important, the iconography that has been established over decades in the realm of the underlying source material, i.e. the comic books. As you mentioned, highly unique poses are inherently connected to this character, so I think the goal is to find a fair balance between the two mediums and their respective visual presentations.

The hanging version certainly required a lot of back and forth regarding its engineering to ensure Spidey would hold in place just the right way and not tilt back, forth or sideways. Most statues come with their own set of challenges – be it their intricate texture patterns in the costume or the high level of likeness detail. This one was more challenging in the technical department. That said, it was worth it, as we finally have a Spidey in his potentially most iconic state and we're quite proud of that."

These Spider-Man statues join Captain America, Iron Man, and War Machine as other Marvel characters they've immortalized in life-sized statue form. The company is prepping for the release of Avengers: Infinity War, and they'll soon be unveiling a 9-plus foot tall version of Thanos for that film, so if Spidey isn't your thing, stay tuned to their page for more info.