This 'Sherlock Gnomes' Poster Is The Worst Movie Poster Of 2018

A new parody poster for Sherlock Gnomes has arrived and it's resulted in one pressing question: is this the worst movie poster of 2018? The year may still be relatively young, but it's hard to believe another film will produce a poster as confounding as this. Below, we investigate this Sherlock Gnomes poster and ponder: why?

Look on this Sherlock Gnomes poster, ye Mighty, and despair! Sherlock Gnomes, the sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet, features Johnny Depp as the voice of a lawn gnome who also happens to be a detective. The Sherlock Gnomes marketing campaign has spent the last several months releasing parody posters that are meant to be cute and funny but are mostly just confusing and bad. They released a slew of these during Oscar season. For the most part, the parody posters were stupid but harmless.

Now, however, Sherlock Gnomes has outdone themselves with terribleness, releasing a poster that's meant to parody a Deadpool poster. Here it is.


What...what is this? Why is this? What is happening here? Who is this for? Is this the worst movie poster of 2018? Yes, I think it is. Let's examine how terrible this is, shall we?


First and foremost, this poster has GNOMEPOOL emblazoned across the top. Obviously the creators of this poster are going for a Deadpool reference here, but what the hell is Gnomepool? It's not a pun, that's for sure. It doesn't really even make sense. Also: why is an animated kids movie referencing Deadpool? Do the young children this movie is targeted to even know what Deadpool is? On top of that, the actual title of the film – Sherlock Gnomes – is nowhere on here.

Sherlock Gnomes' Face Here Is Terrifying, and I Hate It

Why does Sherlock Gnomes have the cold, dead gaze of a corpse in this image? I get that the character is a garden gnome and all, but isn't he a living garden gnome? Shouldn't there be some life in his huge, dead eyes? The creators of this poster were referencing Deadpool, but Deadpool wears a mask – which means he's not very expressive in still-image form. Rather than add some life to their creation, the Sherlock Gnomes poster artists just took Deadpool's blank gaze and transferred it over to Sherlock here. The result: sheer terror. Look at the slight smile! It's as if he has a dark secret, and that dark secret is "I'm going to murder you when you sleep."

Several People Had Meetings About This Poster, and Still Approved It

Movie marketing material isn't created in a vacuum. This Sherlock Gnomes "Gnomepool" poster wasn't created by one rogue anarchistic artist and then uploaded to the web. Instead, several people in the marketing department got together and pitched this idea. They probably had sketches and everything. Someone probably Skyped in to offer his or her input. At one point, they probably took a break, ordered Chinese food, then came back and talked about this poster some more. And not once during that meeting did it occur to them that this poster is a rancid nightmare loosed from the most mediocre circle of hell. And here we are


Gnomepool Sherlock Gnomes opens on March 23, 2018.