Cool Stuff: Matt Ryan Tobin's 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure' Print Rules Like San Dimas High School Football

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but artist Matt Ryan Tobin and the collectible art house Skuzzles wanted to celebrate a little early.

A new Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure print will be available tomorrow, and needless to say, it's simply excellent. But that's not all, because the sequel Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey has a limited edition print you probably missed. You can check them both out and find out how to get them below.

Here's the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure print and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey along with it from Skuzzles:

The Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure print is the new release from Matt Ryan Robin, but his print for Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey has been out for a little while. They're both available individually, or you can get them both together if you wish.

The regular version of the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure print has an edition of 180 and will cost you $50. Meanwhile, there's also a metallic variant with an edition of 75 that will cost you $60. They both measure 24x36 and go on sale Wednesday, March 21 at 1pm ET.

If you'd prefer to pick up both Bill & Ted prints, there will be 185 discounted sets of both of them available for $85, which is a pretty damn good deal. Get a closer look at the new print over at Skuzzles.

Matt Tobin had this to say about his creation of the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure print:

The 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure' poster has finally been revealed! Excellent! Much like my first poster in this set (Bogus Journey), this took me quite some time. It was always the plan to make two posters that could stand on their own but also work in a set.

I deliberately wanted these posters to feel "electric" in my lines, and over all style of rendering.  So I had to revisit a style of drawing I hadn't visited in a over almost 2 years (2 Years....whoa...) but also make it feel lighter, friendlier and more playful. I love this film with my whole heart. I really have these films to thank for inspiring a young kid to create.

I hope fans of these movies can see the love behind these posters, as I made them for the true B&T fans, like myself.

Much thanks to Skuzzles for allowing me to spend as much time as I did with Bill S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan.

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