'Bright' Honest Trailer: How Does 'Shrek' Still Exist In This Universe?

Netflix's first blockbuster took the gritty cop drama of movies like Training Day and End of Watch and mixed them with the magic and fantasy of Hellboy and Lord of the Rings. If that premise sounds like it would make for an awesome movie, you'd be right. But unfortunately we don't live in the universe where that movie exists. Instead we got David Ayer's misfire Bright.

Bright follows the unlikely partnership of Will Smith, a human police officer, paired with Joel Edgerton, an orc police officer. Instead of the tension that exists between various races on the streets, we get the tension that exists between different species. And for some reason, as Honest Trailers points out, the world the story exists in isn't much different from today's world despite having magic be part of it for over 200 years. In fact, it's almost exactly the same, and that's just stupid.

Watch the Bright Honest Trailer

What starts off as a promising premise goes absolutely nowhere. But Netflix got millions of people to watch it, so we're going to get a Bright sequel. That's what happens when a movie is made for the fans and not the critics though, I guess. That's why there's all those critically acclaimed blockbusters that never got sequels.

Even if the movie did turn out well, it seems like an egregious oversight for the movie Shrek to even still exist in this universe. Would the same kind of fantasy movies still have a place in our society if there were actually orcs, wizards, dragons and other magical creatures and beings as part of our history.