'Ready Player One' Tickets Available Now, And Check Out The Film's Best Poster Yet

Ready Player One is a big deal because it marks director Steven Spielberg's return to big budget science fiction, a genre he hasn't genuinely dabbled in since 2005's War of the Worlds. And after the movie's mostly positive reception after its debut at this year's South By Southwest film festival, fans are more excited than ever. Now you can turn that excitement into action: Ready Player One tickets are on sale right now, and if you order through Fandango, you can get a free poster that's better than any of the other posters the film has received thus far.Ready Player One tickets are available right now, and you can pre-order them here if you're interested. The film is based on Ernest Cline's popular 2011 novel and tells the story of Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), a gamer in the near future who competes with the rest of the world to find a hidden "Easter egg" inside a connected gaming network called the Oasis. Critics at South By Southwest called the film "perhaps the geekiest movie ever made," and here's a longer excerpt from Joi Childs' review for /Film:

This movie attempts to reach across multiple fans: the gamers and hardcore nerds of the novel, the non-gamers who will love the nostalgic callbacks, the sci-fi fans who loves quest stories, and many others. And while it doesn't all work, there are enough elements that do work to provide satisfaction. The stellar visuals carry this film beyond its simple script and its simple ideas, making it a fun adventure. It does not exist to stretch your mind (it does stretch your time, running a bit too long in the third act) but like the OASIS, it's a wonderful piece of escapism. Sometimes, a vacation from anything meaningful does make for an interesting ride.

Ready Player One Poster

This morning, Fandango shared this poster fans will receive if they order tickets online (as long as supplies last). Ready Player One's marketing campaign has been hit and miss so far, and its posters have been especially questionable. Last week, Warner Bros. released a series of unfortunate homage posters that landed with a thud, and remember the one with Tye Sheridan's super-extending leg?

The only one that's been halfway decent thus far has been this one from artist Paul Shipper, which feels like a throwback to the Drew Struzan posters that accompanied many of Spielberg's 1980s classic films.

But for my money, the new Fandango exclusive is even better. It's not as crowded and busy, the arcade game setup fits well with the movie's throwback aesthetic, and the stylized character design does a great job of whisking me back to that era.

Ready Player One arrives in theaters on March 29, 2018.