Disneyland's Pixar Pier Gets A Batch Of New Concept Art

Disneyland's California Adventure already has an area devoted to the Cars franchise and A Bug's Life, but the park is about to get a fresh injection of Pixar-themed content at the newly-revamped Pixar Pier, which is replacing Paradise Pier. The official Disney Parks Blog has unveiled some new Pixar Pier concept art, including neighborhoods devoted to Toy Story, The Incredibles, and more.

The Disney Parks Blog has unveiled a few new looks at what visitors can expect when the newly-renovated park opens to the public this year.

Toy Story Neighborhood

When guests enter the new Toy Story neighborhood, they'll be greeted by a huge version of singing cowgirl Jessie looming over them. Jessie is getting her own attraction, too: Jessie's Critter Carousel, which takes the already-existing carousel and puts in all new creatures from Toy Story 2's Woody's Roundup TV show.

(Note: the blog says this carousel won't open until 2019, but Pixar Pier officially opens to the public this summer on June 23.)

Plus, there will be the first ever Pixar Fest preview festival (with a bunch of new food items!) that begins on April 13 and continues into the fall.

Incredibles Neighborhood

Visitors will also be able to walk under a new archway and check out the Incredibles neighborhood, which features the wooden Incredicoaster (formerly California Screamin'). The OC Register explains what's in store with the revamped ride:

The coaster's "scream tunnels," built to keep down the noise of rider screams, are being expanded and riders will experience new thrills inside. The coaster's new story will be that the Incredibles' baby, named Jack-Jack, has escaped and is using his superpowers to roam around the coaster, while the family tries to catch him during the course of the ride. It will have a new entrance queue with a 1950s mid-century modern look, and its own story.

InsideTheMagic pointed us to this conceptual video of the coaster, which also shows off some of the surrounding area you'll traverse on foot. Michael Giacchino is providing a new score for the ride that incorporates his themes from both The Incredibles and the upcoming Incredibles 2, the film's cast have all returned to lend their voices to the characters for the attraction, and the movie's superhero fashion designer Edna Mode will become a walk around character at the park to greet guests.

Food Stands

Here's arguably the most important info: the new snacks that will be available as soon as Pixar Pier opens to the public. There's the Monsters, Inc.-themed Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, where employees will try to sell you pee-colored delights on warm days. Tasty! Poultry Palace is based on a Pixar short I'd never seen called Toy Story Toon: Small Fry. (You can watch the short right here if you've also never seen it.) Churros have become a staple of any Disney trip, and soon you'll able to pick one up at Señor Buzz Churros, themed after the time Buzz Lightyear was switched to Spanish mode in Toy Story 3. And it looks like the flames produced by Inside Out's Anger are being put to good use at a hot dog stand called Angry Dogs.

The OC Register has some more info about the newly-designed park, so I'd encourage you to head there if these highlights didn't quench your thirst for Disneyland knowledge.

Pixar Pier officially opens in Anaheim on June 23, 2018.