'The Director And The Jedi' Documentary Will Show Us The Making Of 'The Last Jedi'

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be hitting Blu-ray very soon. Nestled among the many special features is a documentary called The Director and the Jedi, which provides an intimate look at the making of the latest Star Wars film. New The Director and the Jedi details are revealed below.

If you wanted an up-close-and-personal look at the making of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the new documentary The Director and the Jedi sounds like a must-see. This doc will appear as a special feature on the Last Jedi Blu-ray, but it's also going to be screening in full at SXSW. When the Last Jedi Blu-ray was announced, this doc was described as "an intimate and personal journey through the production of the movie", offering viewers the chance to "experience what it's like to helm a global franchise and cultural phenomenon." Soon after, director Rian Johnson took to Twitter to give his seal of approval to the doc.

Now, a more detailed synopsis has surfaced (via Tor), and it reveals a new, poignant detail: the doc will feature a segment in which the cast and crew discuss the death of star Carrie Fisher. Here's the full synopsis:

An intimate documentary delving into Rian Johnson's process as he comes in as a director new to the Star Wars universe. A fan since childhood, he sets out to make the most powerful Star Wars movie he can. Navigating the mammoth production, the scale of which he's never directed before, we meet his cast and crew, see their individual challenges in bringing the film together, say goodbye to Carrie Fisher, and explore the significance of Rian's more surprising decisions.

The documentary gives you a view of what it really was like to make The Last Jedi. As the team strive to do their best, what shines through is their passion and how memorable an experience it is for Rian as director.

I know plenty of people had problems with The Last Jedi. That's fine. I, however, loved the film, and I'm very interested to see this doc. On top of that, I'm a big fan of Rian Johnson's filmmography in general, so I'm genuinely curious to see a doc that examines how he made the leap from smaller indie films to a huge blockbuster franchise.

While it would be nice to watch The Director and the Jedi with an audience at SXSW, it's nice to know that anyone unable to attend the festival will still get a chance to see this once it arrives via the Last Jedi Blu-ray, which hits stores March 27, 2018. While you wait for that, watch this documentary about sound design in the film over here, or feel free to watch a Last Jedi behind-the-scenes video below.

The Last Jedi Behind the Scenes