The Voice Of Chopper Finally Revealed In 'Star Wars Rebels' Finale

During the series finale of Star Wars Rebels, the voice of the series' central droid character was finally revealed in the end credits. It turns out for all four seasons, C1-10P has been voiced by none other than Star Wars showrunner and writer Dave Filoni. Find out why he waited so long to reveal the truth and the story of how he came to be the voice of Chopper.

Why did Filoni finally decide to give this secret away? He had a genuine answer after the credits rolled during the finale's premiere last week on the Walt Disney Studios lot:

"Show's over," responded Filoni. "It was kind of then or never."

This has been a secret that Rebels head Filoni has kept from everyone, including some of the other actors on the series. He recorded his lines (or noises) at the conclusion of voice sessions with none of the other actors around. As for how he got the part, Filoni at first joked:

"I had a lot of people attempt to do it, but I was like 'No, he's a likable jerk. Let me show you what that's like. I'm good at that, I found that out. I can be likable but a jerk – ask my wife."

How Dave Filoni Became the Voice of Chopper

But later, Filoni gave us the real story of how he became the orange droid:

"I would up playing Chopper because we had to deliver the first short to Disney to watch and we didn't have a final Chopper voice. And I said 'All right, I'm gonna just do this.' And we did it right in the Editorial (editing room) at Lucasfilm, and I did all this stuff (makes Chopper noises) because I knew what a likable jerk was like and what I wanted him to be like. And when we screened [the short], [Walt Disney Company CEO] Bob Iger was like 'I really like that little droid," and I was like 'Well, now I'm stuck!' But it was fun."

But one fan knew the secret and didn't break the secrecy:

"As you know, at [Star Wars] Celebration, a tiny child asked me who played Chopper. I absolutely told her the truth, and she never said anything. I think probably because it was disappointing. It's kinda like a Santa Claus thing, like 'Oh really?!'

Filoni joked that little kids are sometimes "smart in that way," unlike adults. "They make promises, and they keep it," he said, and that's "why they get Star Wars, they understand it."