Mondo 'Empire Strikes Back' Poster Takes Down An AT-AT Walker

Mondo has unleashed a cool new Empire Strikes Back poster from artist Jock. The poster recreates a moment from the Star Wars film in which Luke Skywalker takes down an AT-AT Walker. See the Mondo Empire Strikes Back poster, and its variant, below.Artist Jock has a brand-new Empire Strikes Back poster for you to drop some money on, and it looks pretty darn cool. Mondo unveiled a look at the poster, as well as a variant, to whip up excitement before tomorrow's sale.Here's the poster:Mondo Empire Strikes Back Poster

That Armor's Too Strong for Blasters by Jock

24"x36" Screen Print, Timed EditionAvailable Tuesday (2/20) at 12PM CT through Friday (2/23) at 12PM CTPrinted by D&L ScreenprintingExpected to Ship May 2018$60And here's the variant:Mondo Empire Strikes Back Variant

That Armor's Too Strong for Blasters (Variant) by Jock

36"x24" Screen Print, Edition of 275Available Tuesday (2/20) at 12PM CTPrinted by D&L ScreenprintingExpected to Ship April 2018$80

Mondo Empire Strikes Back Poster Origins

The variant strikes me as the better of these two. Something about the deliberately sketchy font across the top of the main poster detracts from the image, in my humble opinion. The print, titled That Armor's Too Strong for Blasters, is, of course, a recreation of this famous scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

/Film's own Jacob Hall witnessed the impetus of this poster back at MondoCon 2016. Here's how he described the moment:

"The panel ended with an interactive portion, where the audience was enlisted to help a Mondo artist decide which version of a poster he was going to finish. The artist in question is Jock, who debuted a new Star Wars poster at Comic-Con earlier this year. Naturally, he wanted to tackle a The Empire Strikes Back poster next and gave the audience two options to choose from. The first concept finds Luke plummeting into the bowels of Cloud City following his duel with Darth Vader:

mondo empire 1

The second is more action-packed, offering a unique angle on Luke as he takes down an AT-AT Walker with his lightsaber during the Battle of Hoth. Jock made it very clear that he preferred this second version more, but the Mondo team was divided on the issue, with half of the panelists supporting the first option and the other half agreeing with Jock:

mondo empire 2

And the audience ultimately agreed with Jock, as that design ultimately won more applause (measured with a decibel app!) than the first design. So when the finished version of Jock's The Empire Strikes Back poster arrives in the future, you now know who you have to thank/blame."

You'll be able to grab the print (and its variant) when it's released as a timed edition (meaning everyone who wants one can get one) on Tuesday, 2/20 at 12PM (CST). It will be on sale through Friday, 2/23 until 12PM (CST) on Mondo's site.