'Blade' Trilogy Honest Trailer: Marvel's First Franchise Had Some Awful Vampires

Black Panther has been getting all sorts of praise as the film hits theaters everywhere with sneak preview screenings tonight. But let us not forget the first Marvel franchise that not only featured a black superhero in the lead, but also boasted an R-rating across three films and introduced us to a simultaneously badass and smart ass Ryan Reynolds long before Deadpool was a possibility.

The Blade trilogy probably has more lows than highs, but it still deserves credit for paving the way for Black Panther, even if the Marvel Cinematic Universe preceding it has done most of the heavy lifting in recent years. Honest Trailers gives credit where credit is due while also mocking the worse parts of the series, including some of the lamest vampires we've ever seen.

Watch the Blade trilogy Honest Trailer below.

Blade deserves plenty of credit for being the first successful comic book franchise led by a black actor, all with an R-rating keeping it from getting a wider audience. But there's a lot of stupid nonsense in these movies too. First of all, Wesley Snipes take on the character seems perpetually stick in the 1990s with lame one-liners delivered at the worst times, some of which don't make any damn sense.

Honest Trailers is right on the money when it comes to pointing out the Marvel trilogy trend where the origin story was great, the sequel was even better and the third installment went completely bonkers. Both the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises would follow suit, and they never could have gone off the rails so much without Blade to lead the way. So thanks, Blade.